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InterSystems: A Beacon of Hope for Cybersecurity in UK and Irish Higher Education Institutions


Cybersecurity proves to be the most significant challenge for a third of institutions in the past year

Current Cybersecurity Landscape in Higher Education

ETON, UK, 24 March, 2023 - Over half (51%) of higher education institutions in the UK and Ireland have expressed a lack of confidence in their security infrastructure's ability to counter denial of service (DNS) attacks or ransomware, according to research conducted on behalf of InterSystems, a global leader in advanced data management solutions.

The survey involved 150 IT decision-makers from universities and colleges across the UK and Ireland. It found that cybersecurity posed the most formidable IT challenge during the pandemic for nearly one-third (31%) of these institutions. The higher education sector, no stranger to high-profile online attacks, is in urgent need of fortified cybersecurity measures to protect its stakeholders from cybercriminals.

Evolving Cybersecurity Threats and Investments

Interestingly, 17% of higher education institutions view evolving cybersecurity threats as the most significant external influence on their IT requirements. Recognising this increasing concern, nearly one in three (29%) respondents plan to increase their investment in intelligent automation over the next year. At the same time, 23% are considering more robust analytics—both initiatives that can significantly bolster cybersecurity measures.

InterSystems: Offering Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Solutions

InterSystems, renowned for its comprehensive suite of enterprise digital transformation solutions, is uniquely positioned to offer powerful tools that meet these emerging cybersecurity needs.

InterSystems' IRIS Data Platform, for example, is an advanced data management system that offers robust capabilities. It can help prevent data breaches, an essential element of cybersecurity. On the other hand, its Ensemble platform ensures secure data exchange between different systems, minimising potential points of exposure.

The Need for Holistic Security Measures

"The increasing complexity of cyber threats underlines the need for a more comprehensive approach to security," commented Enzo Brienza, Partnership Alliances Manager, InterSystems.

"Technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and intelligent automation, when integrated with secure data management platforms like InterSystems IRIS or Ensemble, can provide a robust defence mechanism. They can help in identifying vulnerabilities in the infrastructure and automate security protocols to protect networks, data, and people."

Embracing Predictive Analytics

Brienza added that these technologies could also offer predictive insights about potential breaches, allowing institutions to preemptively address vulnerabilities. This preparedness is crucial in equipping them to combat the next generation of cyberattacks.

Securing the Future of Higher Education Institutions

While the challenges may seem daunting, there is a silver lining. Higher education institutions are recognising the need to invest in advanced cybersecurity measures. By collaborating with experienced partners like InterSystems and leveraging their innovative solutions, these institutions can stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. This proactive approach will ensure a secure digital environment for their stakeholders, enabling them to focus on their primary mission of education and research.

In summary, the cybersecurity landscape is evolving, and with it, the threat to higher education institutions. It is vital for these institutions to adopt an advanced, holistic approach to their cybersecurity infrastructure. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and intelligent automation in conjunction with secure data management platforms, they can fortify their digital defences.

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