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Etsi tietoja InterSystemsin tuotteista ja ratkaisuista, uramahdollisuuksista ja muusta.
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Health and Life Sciences

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Why Develop With Anything Less?

No other software platform has been so widely used and successfully deployed for HIT development. InterSystems IRIS for Health, a comprehensive, cloud-first data platform, along with its predecessors, is the basis for software that manages over a billion health records globally. It is at the heart of some of the most successful commercial healthcare solutions, like Epic’s EMR and 3M’s Encompass 360.

Some of the largest clinical laboratory companies in the world – companies like Sonic, Labcorp, and Bioreference – have based their internal management systems on our platform. It’s used by startups and long-established players as the basis for innovation, and by providers and payers for their own application development. It provides interoperability and connectivity for device makers like Guerbet and Roche Diagnostics. And we use it as the platform for InterSystems HealthShare and TrakCare.


No other software development platform supports more successful health information technology

3M Science Applied to Life
RxMx -
Quest Diagnostics
Sonic Healthcare
Homecare  Homebase
Flex by Harris Healthcare
Ready Computing logo
Conifer Health
imedway logo
BioReference Laboratories - an OPKO Health Company
HBI Solutions
Symplr logo
Stanley healthcare
Collective Health
Trifour Health Information Management Systems
Zorgi Smarter care


A Development Platform Built by Health IT Developers for Health IT Developers

We listen to healthcare software developers, and you tell us things are different in healthcare. You need to understand complex regulations and privacy rules, and to make sure your software does as well. You need to keep up with new interoperability standardslike FHIR – while still managing to historical standards. You tell us healthcare data, terminology, and data models require specialized knowledge, and that a unified data management platform specific to healthcare can make a real difference in your work.

But you also need the same things that matter to every application developer – performance, scalability, architectural flexibility, freedom of choice for languages and cloud service providers, and a strong developer community.

In short, you need InterSystems IRIS for Health, built specifically for healthcare application development by a team that builds, deploys, and supports healthcare applications at scale, around the globe.

All the Capabilities and Competence you Need

InterSystems IRIS for Health is our premier product offering for healthcare application development, but not the only one. InterSystems Smart Data Services let you access the full power of our database, interoperability, and analytics technology as smaller, flexible, cloud-centric managed services that are available from major public cloud marketplaces. Our smart health data services include the InterSystems FHIR Server and the InterSystems FHIR Transformation Service.

InterSystems IRIS for HealthA comprehensive cloud-based software development platform including data management, interoperability with support for all major healthcare standards, including FHIR, and analyticsDeveloping intelligent, scalable, standards-based health solutions where connectivity to a variety of source and destination systems matters
InterSystems FHIR ServerA smart data service delivering an enterprise-grade FHIR server to provide secure, scalable data sharing and storage for healthcare dataEasily adding FHIR data storage and management to your application
InterSystems FHIR Transformation ServiceFully managed, automated cloud services to transform HL7 v2 and CCD messages to FHIRPopulating a FHIR server from data sources that do not “speak FHIR”

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Technology, community, unrivaled support and understanding of the healthcare market. Why would you develop healthcare software on any other platform?

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Customer Success Stories

Startups in Healthcare
It’s not easy being a startup in healthcare, but it’s not impossible, either. Several InterSystems partners have embraced these challenges with bold creativity and open eyes. They have proven that innovation and healthcare are not only compatible but instrumental to delivering better outcomes both for their businesses and for patient care.
Belgium Public Social Welfare Services
A Digital Healthcare Transformation with InterSystems IRIS for Health in Belgium
3M 360 Encompass
Brinton Frisby, Director of Product Development 3M HIS discusses how 3M 360 Encompass™, powered by InterSystems, provides clean, interoperable data for AI and healthcare analytics platforms.
Baxter International
Traci Reed, Director of Digital Consumer Experience at Baxter, shares how her work and events in her own life inspire her to wake up every day to improve the delivery of care, harnessing the power of data from Baxter devices.
Jonda Health
Dr. Suhina Singh, CEO of Jonda Health, shares how her company is reimaging how patients can take control of their own healthcare with greater access to data.
Fast-growing Australian medical technology company RxMx has built and deployed an automated patient monitoring system for complex medicines that require ongoing laboratory testing for potential adverse effects.
Epic will use InterSystems IRIS Data Platform beginning with the August 2020 release of its electronic health record (EHR).
Cognetivity & AI
Powered by InterSystems IRIS for Health, Cognetivity developed an application that uses AI to detect dementia in early stages. The app gives patients, caregivers, and care providers the opportunity to prepare treatment plans early and improve quality of life.
HBI Solutions
Hear how HBI Solutions creates predictive models to help organizations better predict things like future conditions, events and costs enabling higher quality care at a lower cost.

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