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Data Technology Solutions for
Logistics and Distribution

Exceed customer expectations and improve the bottom line
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Deliver Accurate Real-time Actionable Insights
Logistics and distribution industry is a dynamic, competitive marketplace. Tight margins and access to accurate real-time data are key to enable optimum performance and a keen business edge.

InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator™ integrates and complements your existing application infrastructure to enable better decision-making, create intelligent, streamlined, end-to-end processes, and deliver accurate real-time visibility and traceability.

Optimize Your Supply Chain

To operate an efficient, customer-centric supply chain you need your physical logistics and technology to work hand in hand. Our data platform is built, and stress tested by logistics professionals to meet the needs of even the most complex supply chains, so that you get full visibility and rapid optimization across your entire supply chain from one platform.

Access all the insights you need to intelligently orchestrate your logistics from a single platform. Connect once and get full visibility into your entire supply chain.

Our cloud-first data platform is easy to implement and integrates the physical elements of logistics, fulfillment, warehousing, and freight, so everything works together to deploy, manage, scale, and optimize your supply chain.

Stop piecing together data from multiple systems and start optimizing your business so you can focus on what matters.

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InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator for Logistics & Distribution Key Benefits

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Connect your entire supply chain. We take each disparate piece of your supply chain, from your physical logistics to your key systems, and bring them together with smartly designed software that unlocks intelligent orchestration with actionable insights.
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Analyze Insights and take action. Our InterSystems IRIS Data Platform will provide the data platform for your network of hundreds of warehouses and thousands of carriers, which you can leverage to deploy new logistics services and data-driven optimization.
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Enhance performance. Our data platform enhances the performance of standard processes by equipping them with intelligence. Capture and clean the data before applying the rules related to the Business to be able to circulate this data.
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Embedded Interoperability. Gain real time, on-demand access to enterprise data assets, build streamlined end to end processes and “data fabrics”. Accurate real-time visibility and analytics leveraging disparate enterprise data. Bringing business processes / workflows and data together for intelligent informed decisions.

Hear From Our Customers

Many of our customers use the InterSystems data platform technology to provide analytics and interoperability to enable real-time workflow processing, validation, alerting and delivery of transport data providing real-time and accurate data for their customers to manage inventory planning.

Others use to address multiple data management challenges spanning interoperability, customer experience, ecommerce, and optimizing demand forecasting at point of sale.

Our technology fits warehouse and logistics management systems to rapidly tailor solutions to customers’ unique needs.

By embedding InterSystems data platform technology into your solutions, organizations are able to develop applications that combine industry best practices with versatile and easy-to-enhance functionality. Maximum efficiency is gained to achieve optimal warehouse operations and deliver the highest levels of accuracy, productivity, and utilization.

Customer Success

Chess uses InterSystems data platform to create the sophisticated warehouse management systems its customers demand more cost effectively than it could with other platforms.
InterSystems Data Platform Technologies Fuel Connected Solutions
CFAO has been able to unify commerce, improve customer satisfaction, and create new revenue channels. IT has become a key strategic contributor to the company’s success.
Mediterranean Shipping Company
Moved from legacy IT to a cloud-first ecosystem that allows data to flow seamlessly to the point of action, increasing customers’ and partners’ interaction through digital channels
Digitial Transformation
As Japan’s largest wholesaler of cosmetics, daily necessities, and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, PALTAC plays an indispensable role in moving 50,000 items from 1,000 manufacturers to 400 retailers operating 50,000 stores, when and where they’re needed.
Chess Logistics
cfao - With Africa. For Africa.
Ultimate Control Tower Actionable Insights Powered by InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator
InterSystems is helping supply chain customers in the retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG), manufacturing, and healthcare sectors. Our solution provides unparalleled real-time orchestration.

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InterSystems IRIS® is a next generation data platform that integrates and complements your existing supply chain applications and IT infrastructure to provide real-time, intelligent, actionable insights into supply chain disruptions and accelerate time to value.
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Smart data fabrics embed a wide range of analytics capabilities, including data exploration, business intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning directly within the enterprise data fabric, making it faster and easier for organizations to gain new insights and power intelligent predictive and prescriptive services and applications.
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