Redefining Customer Experience Matters

Enabling Digital Transformation in the Retail Industry

Read more about the challenge digital transformation presents and the solution available to deliver a 360-degree view of your customers:

Digital transformation in the retail industry is well underway. Studies show that by 2018, 18% of all retail sales will take place online and by 2040, it is thought 95% of purchases will be facilitated by e-commerce. The key driving factor is the increase of 24/7 availability for browsing and engaging with retailers online.

Today’s consumers are always connected

Flowing across multiple channels consumers expect a seamless, personalized, digital experience spanning all touch points of their journey. To stay competitive in this rapidly changing environment, the highest priority for digital transformation initiatives must be enabling deep understanding of each individual customer, to deliver that personalised experience.

Retailers must adopt the latest technologies to deliver innovative digital services that increase revenue and exceed customers’ expectations, or competitors will pass them by.

The challenge is on IT

IT must become a strategic player to implement innovation and competitive differentiation, with agility and speed to market.

By leveraging a unified, comprehensive data platform, retailers are able to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives with less software requirements, without needing to hire additional resources, and at lower cost.

Simplifying Digital Transformation

With some approaches, retailers must purchase, install, learn, integrate, and maintain multiple products – resulting  in higher infrastructure costs, larger staffing requirements, and greater complexity.

InterSystems Data Platform is different from any other technology for speeding and simplifying retail digital transformation. It enables IT to develop and deploy a range of innovative new services to meet the ongoing goals of the business, whilst delivering the outstanding experiences consumers are demanding.

InterSystems provides a complete platform to enable digital transformation:

  • Seamlessly & rapidly integrate disparate applications across the entire extended ecosystem
  • Create and maintain a 360˚ view of each customer and tailor every interaction – including real-time, personalized interactions across all channels
  • Create and present a unified view of composite business processes that incorporate real-time, event-driven analytics
  • Expose relevant business processes and data to internal and external audiences with role-based interfaces and security
  • Monitor, alert, and report on activities, process flows, and KPIs in real-time
  • Provide a consistent development and maintenance experience spanning all functionality

InterSystems Data Platform is a complete data platform, providing the full suite of capabilities that retailers and their technology providers need. With it they can accelerate digital transformation initiatives and meet myriad business goals faster, and with a lower total cost of ownership. The functionality spans integration, orchestration, data management, and analytics. It is unlike any other technology for enabling digital transformation in retail available in the marketplace today.

91% of surveyed senior IT architects and managers at our large enterprise customers are achieving higher performance and throughput.

Retail Success Stories with InterSystems