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Stay a Step Ahead with a
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Create accurate and timely client, regulatory, and operational
reporting on-demand with unified data.

On-Demand Reporting for Financial Services

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On-Demand Reporting for Financial Services

Firms across the financial services industry are investing in data visualisation capabilities to enable business leaders to make data-driven decisions.

But becoming a data-led organisation is often far more complicated than business leaders expect, and delivering the right data to support critical business needs is becoming increasingly challenging.

InterSystems is helping financial services firms create on-demand reporting using a cutting-edge approach to data management. We enable firms to implement a smart data fabric that connects and transforms disparate data from internal and external sources, putting unified real-time and historical information at your fingertips on demand.

The InterSystems Difference

Self-Service Data Access
Provides self-service access to unified real-time and historical data from any number of systems and applications, and enables fast queries on demand.
Complements existing infrastructure, providing a non-disruptive layer that connects and accesses information from legacy systems and applications via a smart data fabric.
Fast, Secure, Reliable
Accesses, integrates, and transforms data as it’s being requested in a secure, low latency environment, built on a data platform designed for high-performance, mission-critical applications.

About On-Demand Reporting for Financial Services

InterSystems technology makes it easy for financial services firms to implement a smart data fabric to deliver accurate, consistent, and timely data to business users and data stewards.

Our solution simplifies access to data required for analytics and insights by connecting data across domains and functions. This makes it a truly comprehensive solution for on-demand reporting in multiple areas, including trading activity, client management, regional management, risk management, treasury management, and assets under management.

Unlike static dashboards, self-service capabilities enable business users to freely explore the data, ask ad hoc questions, and drill down via additional queries based on initial findings.
Smart data fabric for on-demand reporting/digital transformation/product innovation

Key Benefits

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Real-Time State of Business
Self-service access to unified data from any source on demand enables business leaders to gain visibility into the current state of their business on demand throughout the day.
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Improved Decision-Making
Eliminates delays in accessing data stored in applications and data silos, enabling business leaders to make decisions with accurate and current data, not data that is days or weeks old.
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More Data for Better Insights
Incorporates more data from more sources, providing a more complete and comprehensive view of the business and more insightful analytics.
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Operational Efficiency
Automates data processing, eliminating the complexity, errors, and inefficiencies associated with manual approaches, freeing up IT staff to focus on value-added initiatives.
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Why InterSystems?
InterSystems is a technology leader used by thousands of clients globally to build and run mission-critical, data-intensive applications.

Banks, asset managers and fintech firms rely on InterSystems to run business reporting, trade order management systems, wealth management platforms, and regulatory reporting engines.

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