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Supporting Throughput and Scale for IoT Applications

Comprehensive IoT Data Platform

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There are more than 46 billion devices1 connected to the Internet of Things, and that figure is expected to double in the next five years. All of those devices require applications to support them — applications that must rapidly ingest, process, and persist the large volumes of structured and unstructured data that they are continuously generating to gain insights, make decisions, and perform intelligent programmatic actions in real time.

Handling the high throughput and scale associated with IoT applications demands a data platform that can accommodate the technology’s unique requirements.


Scalable IoT Data Platform

A comprehensive, multi-model, multi-workload technology like InterSystems IRIS® data platformoffers organisations the ability to:

  • Facilitate predictive healthcare device maintenance to minimise failure rates, improve device and machine utilisation rates, and reduce loss. 
  • Optimise fleet management to minimise delays, increase fuel efficiency, track shipments in real time, reduce accident rates, perform real-time diagnostics and corrective actions, enable predictive maintenance, and optimise the utilisation rate of containers and other mobile assets. 
  • Enable real-time retail inventory and traceability; deliver smart, just-in-time offers and promotions to shoppers; optimise product placement; and perform dynamic pricing.
  • Balance energy supply and demand, perform real-time pricing, identify and correct service disruptions, and create customer cost savings by programmatically adjusting connected devices and turning them on or off based on real-time conditions.
  • Monitor operating parameters and maintain machine and overall system health for offshore oil rigs. 
  • Perform real-time monitoring, and enable predictive maintenance to reduce costs, minimise failures and downtime, and prevent accidents, in manufacturing facilities. 
  • Process thousands of events per second, and more than 1 billion events each day, to support an energy metre application in a small to midsize city.

The Internet of Things is creating unprecedented possibilities for organisations to deliver new services, increase revenues, reduce costs, and delight their customers. Position yours to capitalise on the business opportunities IoT promises by choosing a data management platform that can support the demands of this transformative technology.

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1 Juniper Research

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