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Migrate to the Next-Generation Data Platform

InterSystems IRIS and InterSystems IRIS for Health

For Caché and Ensemble Customers

InterSystems IRIS® and InterSystems IRIS for Health™ are the newest generation of our data management software, developed to provide our customers with powerful technology upon which they can build modern, high-performance data- and analytics-intensive applications.

Today’s applications are becoming smarter, faster, more API-driven, and more integrated. They incorporate more and different kinds of analytics and leverage cloud and container technology.

For organizations to survive and grow, their technology must enable them to keep pace with these trends as competitors introduce new applications and revise their existing ones to offer new capabilities. InterSystems IRIS is the data platform software that empowers organizations across industries to capture new market opportunities and remain competitive and relevant. InterSystems IRIS for Health extends InterSystems IRIS to help organizations harness the complexity of connecting, managing, and transforming healthcare data.

This document was created to inform current InterSystems Caché® and InterSystems Ensemble® customers about new functionality offered in InterSystems IRIS and InterSystems IRIS for Health. It is meant to help you generate ideas and plans for revising and refreshing your current applications and creating new ones by leveraging new features and new kinds of analytics for even greater performance and scalability.

Migrating to InterSystems IRIS

InterSystems IRIS was first introduced in 2018 and is now well established in the market, with hundreds of customers in production. While InterSystems® is committed to supporting Caché and Ensemble for our existing customers and partners, we are focused on InterSystems IRIS for developing new functionality.

Because customers have communicated the importance and urgency of migrating Caché and Ensemble applications to InterSystems IRIS, InterSystems provides tools to make this transition as easy as possible, with support for in-place migration of applications.

This document summarizes important new features and capabilities available with InterSystems IRIS. For additional information about each of these features, please review the documentation and training material, and contact your InterSystems account team.

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