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3 Takeaways About Harnessing EHR Data for Clinical Development and Market Access

EHR Data

Clinical trial recruitment is challenging. 70% of trials miss their timelines due to lackluster patient enrollment, and 11% of research sites fail to register a single participant. For life sciences organizations, these numbers illustrate the risk to innovation, patient care, and the bottom line. How can you minimize that risk? By harnessing electronic health record (EHR) data to advance real-time and real-world data.

A panel of experts share their insights and case studies around leveraging EHR data for clinical development and market access. Here are three key takeaways for everyone looking to leverage healthy data for life sciences.

1- A “messy” data ecosystem hampers the use of EHR data and real-world evidence.

Patient data can be difficult to obtain. People may change addresses, see many different healthcare providers, and switch health plan coverage.

The data landscape is spread across providers and locales, in forms as diverse as clinical notes and proprietary genomic data to imaging, claims, social determinants of health risk profiles, and even military service records.

Trying to make sense of this poses challenges for patient recruitment, addressing gaps in care, managing patients’ treatment regimens, and more.

2 - Comprehensive, real-time, and real-world data unlock new possibilities for life sciences.

The answer: Embrace the many data sources available today — from claims to clinical, from the EHR to everywhere else — in real time.

EHR data, for instance, plugs gaps in claims data by bringing in new formats that include relevant insights into a patient’s health journey. With the right technology partner, life sciences organizations can access this information in near real time, leveraging tools such as interoperability standards and probabilistic matching to connect the right information with the right patient.

For example, you might leverage real-time, real-world data from the EHR to:

  • Automatically determine clinical trial eligibility for a heart failure study, to boost recruitment numbers and save on manual records review.
  • Help a health system partner address challenges managing osteoporosis, using real-time notifications after a fall to close gaps in care and promote appropriate screening.

3- Every life sciences data strategy requires a trusted and experienced partner.

To unlock the potential of diverse data sources, life sciences experts need a strategic partner with the technology and experience to ensure every stakeholder can access — and understand — the information.

Whether those connections must be built fresh or tapped through an existing network, trust is key.

Building a 360-degree view of each patient empowers everyone on the life sciences spectrum, from study planning and clinical trial recruitment to market access and outcomes research.

InterSystems HealthShare advanced interoperability platform connects the healthcare ecosystem to provide real-world insight from EHRs, claims systems, and clinical notes, and serves those data up via API, Spark, FHIR and other healthcare standards, or custom workflows.

Learn how to harness EHR data to advance your real-world data efforts.

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