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Unified data interoperability declaration aims to transform health and wellbeing

Industry experts join forces to leverage the power of AI to benefit patients, health systems, and innovation, with the ultimate aim of advancing health and wellbeing worldwide.

WINDSOR, UK, 1st November 2023 – Lack of interoperability in health data and systems is detrimental to patient safety, costly for health systems, and restricting the growth of digital health, according to new research from SHAPES’ (Smart & Healthy Ageing through People Engaging in Supportive Systems), an EU funded innovation action project spanning fourteen countries and ten pilot innovation sites.

To help tackle these challenges, cross sector experts representing the health, tech, standards, finance, security and data sectors, are coming together to agree a groundbreaking collective declaration, centred on accelerating the interoperability of electronic health records and systems.

Set to be discussed November 3rd at the AAA ISO Leaders Forum at NatWest’s London headquarters, the consortium will encourage governments and policymakers to liaise with the healthcare and financial sectors to develop a rapid action plan to fine tune and consolidate existing interoperability standards, thereby ensuring that interoperable products, services, and systems are rapidly deployed and adopted to deliver benefits to patients, health systems, science, and innovation.

As the organiser, Ian Spero, Founder, Agile Ageing Alliance, points out: “The UK’s Open Banking model, implemented in 2018, stands as a testament to the power of data accessibility and interoperability. It revolutionised the finance sector, offering consumers unparalleled control over their finances and kickstarting a thriving FinTech market. We envision a harmonised ‘Open Health and Accessibility’ system that not only fills information voids but also paves the way for groundbreaking digital health solutions."

Jon Payne, Director of Sales Engineering and Education, InterSystems, stated, “InterSystems see this as an exciting and timely opportunity to leverage our expertise in data and interoperability to bridge the gap between people and their health and care data. Drawing inspiration from standardisation successes in the financial sector, we aspire to usher in a new era of interoperable healthcare solutions.”

Neil Bellamy, Head of Technology, Media, Telecoms (TMT) & Services at NatWest Banking Group, said: “The UK's Open Banking initiative exemplifies the transformative power of data accessibility, now aiding nearly eight million users with secure, customised financial tools. Drawing from this precedent, we’re optimistic about the potential for employing similar interoperability in healthcare, to deliver a future where seamless data access enhances patient care and drives innovation.”

Dipak Kalra, President of the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) said: “An interoperable Open Health and Accessibility standard would be a game changer. Our Institute will strongly promote the adoption of this declaration, and encourage all stakeholders to play their vital roles in achieving its ambition.”

The session will be livestreamed, and can be accessed here:

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