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Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) partner with InterSystems for interoperability for the new digital children’s hospital

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InterSystems will ensure that the right information is delivered seamlessly in the right format at the right time to more than 70 systems in new children’s hospital

Dublin, IrelandInterSystems, an innovative data technology provider dedicated to helping customers solve the most critical data and information challenges, and Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) have announced InterSystems HealthShare® Health Connect as the interoperability platform for the new digital children’s hospital in Dublin.

By integrating various clinical and non-clinical applications, devices, and technologies, HealthShare Health Connect will help to advance Children Health Ireland’s IT vision of delivering the right information, in the right format, at the right time.

Having information at the right time and in the right place is crucial within a healthcare setting. This technology from InterSystems quickly exchanges information between different systems in the hospital, reducing duplication of data entry for staff and giving that time back for patient care. Further benefits of the platform will mean that the accuracy of information exchanged automatically will be higher, and the quality of information kept in Children’s Health Ireland will be improved as a result.

When the new children’s hospital opens, digital technology will be involved in everything from electronic health records and the systems controlling the building, to automated pharmacy dispensing and the movement of supplies around the building by robots. Continuity of data and information is vital for a digital hospital that operates 24/7 with constant monitoring of patients and frequent movement of employees and inventory. InterSystems will manage this flow of mission-critical data to enhance patient care and operational efficiency.

Adrian Rath, Chief Technology Officer with Children’s Health Ireland, said: “We will have over 70 advanced clinical, operational, and corporate support systems in use at the new hospital, and so it is vital that everything communicates seamlessly. We are confident in the ability of InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect to ensure uninterrupted interactions among these systems, as that will be pivotal in delivering superior service experiences for patients and staff.

“In addition to its reliability and scalability, InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect stood apart for us because of its user-friendly interface that allows our engineers to quickly create interfaces without having to spend time writing lines of code”, he continued.

Colin Henderson, country manager for InterSystems UK&I, said: “Accurate, data-driven decision-making depends on consistent and usable data that is effectively shared and understood from different sources. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with CHI and deliver that capability for them.

“With HealthShare Health Connect, we provide a platform that enables a fully connected healthcare environment. The interoperability facilitates clear communication between healthcare professionals, enhances patient safety through real-time information that drives efficiency by automating key processes. We are grateful that CHI chose InterSystems as their interoperability partner, and excited to see how this technology will transform patient care and operational workflows at CHI’s new Dublin hospital.”

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