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Upgrade to InterSystems IRIS

The Easy Path from Your Current Platform

InterSystems IRIS, our next-generation data platform, gives you more business and technical scalability, more performance, and more freedom of choice.


InterSystems IRIS delivers significant performance and efficiently improvements compared to Caché and Ensemble. Queries run on InterSystems IRIS, in general, are at least 25% faster than the same queries run on Caché and Ensemble, and often much faster, based on real-world tests using existing applications.


InterSystems IRIS shows impressive improvements in database throughput over existing versions of Caché.

graph comparing IRIS and Cache database updates per second


InterSystems IRIS SQL optimisations nearly halves the time it takes Caché 2018.2 to execute the same SQL test harness.

bar graph comparing Total Execution Time between Cache and InterSystems IRIS
Assist Your Robot with Augmented Intelligence
This webinar will explore two scenarios, incorporating Alexa into a clinical workflow and monetising data as a service, from a technical perspective. We will highlight API management, open analytics, and the path to augmenting data with sensors/device.
Turning Your Data Into Business Value with InterSystems IRIS for Health
Through two use cases, incorporating Alexa into a clinical workflow and developing an approach for monetising data as a service, you’ll learn how InterSystems IRIS for Health can help you and your teams bring vision to reality. If you have a vision for business or clinical solutions this webinar is for you.
The Natural Upgrade from Your Current Platform
InterSystems IRIS is now equipped with a straightforward, in-place upgrade feature so you can move your Ensemble or Caché applications to InterSystems IRIS in a predictable manner. Watch this webinar to learn how to take advantage of this feature.

InterSystems IRIS is a “cloud-first” platform that scales up and out, and integrates with other technologies faster.

Cloud First

Take advantage of the cloud for your existing applications. InterSystems IRIS is built for cloud-, container-, VM- and OS-based deployment.

Agile, DevOps, or CI/CD

InterSystems enables consistent and repeatable deployment of applications in the cloud, or on premises. InterSystems IRIS containers can also work with third-party provisioning tools like Kubernetes.

Publish, Meter & Monitor Application APIs

Once your Caché or Ensemble application is migrated to InterSystems IRIS, the APIs you’ve authored can be governed by InterSystems API Manager.

Computer monitor with code

Learn More Today

Review the release notes for InterSystems IRIS. You’ll find an impressive list of improvements, including:
teal checkmark
Database performance and journaling improvements
teal checkmark
Improvements in SQL performance and support
teal checkmark
Improved language bindings (Java, etc.)
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Productivity improvements, including rules test harness, interface maps, and many others.

Upgrade to InterSystems IRIS

InterSystems IRIS can unlock a world of new opportunities.
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