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Integrated Care Systems

Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) are an Opportunity for Breakthrough Transformational Change

Across all areas of UK healthcare, ICSs enable an increase in collaboration and shared risk between all places of care. This should result in a better, more joined-up patient experience, for proactive, preventative, and personalised care.

Yet, the disparate organisations and stakeholders within an ICS find themselves building the future of healthcare in flight, while contending with many immediate challenges.

Transformation is key as ICSs assess how to best share information across regions, jurisdictions, and care boundaries, as well as integrating health and social care, all while minimising disruption to patient services.

Joining Up Health and Care for Integrated Care Systems

InterSystems help ICSs to address their critical needs and overcome barriers to digital transformation:
Staffing and Skills
InterSystems solutions and platforms are easy to access, configure, and use. Our web-based interfaces provide distributed, secure access from anywhere with a suitable Internet connection. They run on a range of electronic devices that are easy, and secure to manage, with NHS-approved integrated single-sign-on support. Staff can:
  • Quickly use how to learn the system
  • Benefit from in-application support
  • Learn from online user communities
Collaboration between People, Places, and Organisations
We help ICSs to create seamless and automatic flows of data, workflow, and processes so that no matter where patients, service users, or service providers are, we can connect them with the right information, at the right time and place, for the right outcomes.

We have proven experience in connecting systems from primary, secondary, community, mental health, pathology, and disease registries, to emergency services, local councils, care homes, and public safety.
Waiting list management
We create the most comprehensive views of individual needs, helping ICSs e prioritise and optimise resource allocation to better manage waiting lists, reduce their numbers, and keep them manageable going forward.
Ambulance service collaboration
We help to reduce ambulance waiting times by ensuring ambulance services can access advance insights of patient needs.
Caring for the elderly, and for young people and for delivering mental health
No-one should fall through the gaps in care planning. We integrate specific national standards such as for Child Information protection services and urgent care into operational care to deliver personalised, proactive patient treatment, taking into account patient and service users with consent and care circle management needs.
Patient engagement and empowerment
Our user portals enable patients, services users, and their proxies with consent to understand, access, and contribute to their health and care. They can review test results, book appointments, request prescription refills, and upload patient-supplied, and device-generated data.
Managing risk
Having a 360-degree, holistic view of patients and service users, ICS resources, and service suppliers helps the ICS manage risk in advance, and in real-time.

Why InterSystems

InterSystems is the market-leading provider of integration and interoperability for the NHS, with almost 60% of all Trusts using our software, making us the ideal partner for ICSs looking for a trusted, proven partner on their digitalisation journey.

We help standardise disparate data between services, from acute and tertiary services to primary and social care, with embedded analytics for artificial intelligence and machine learning. to create one truth. We support open interoperability standards and lead their development and adoption. Our data centre application hosting and managed services are enterprise-class in terms of flexibility, cost efficiency, and commitment to multiple ISO standards. We provide specific, configurable solutions, delivered both with partners and directly, based on our products and platforms, which support comprehensive rapid application development. Pre-built components include: NHS Spine demographic services; GP-Connect; child protection information services; enterprise-wide patient identification; patient and clinical portals; care communities, health analytics; and more.

  • Clinical Safety
  • Support Services and Learning Services
  • Integration, Data Management and Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Learning Processing
  • Solution Development
  • Flexible Deployment Option
  • Cyber Security