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InterSystems FHIR-based Solutions


Legacy Data Integration

InterSystems Craig Lee talks about how HealthShare Health Connect provides powerful FHIR-based data transformations.

At the core of healthcare data interoperability is the need to integrate data from different sources, utilising a myriad of standards, formats, and technologies. You can use InterSystems IRIS for Health or InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect to:

  • Bridge between FHIR and older standards and document formats such as HL7v2, CDA, and X12
  • Transform CDA documents into FHIR resources
  • Send portions of HL7v2 messages or CDA documents out as FHIR data
  • Enable new applications to access legacy data by transforming the data to FHIR resources for use in value-based care, quality improvement, and research

InterSystems IRIS for Health
InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect

Building Your Own FHIR Solutions

InterSystems IRIS for Health provides a choice of programming languages and the building blocks needed to develop FHIR applications, including:

  • Support for different FHIR versions, including R4 and STU3
  • A base FHIR server implementation supporting a standard FHIR RESTful API
  • A FHIR resource repository supporting all FHIR resource types
  • FHIR client components for handling client-side operations
  • Support for FHIR-based IHE Profiles, including PIXm (patient identity queries), PDQm (patient demographics queries), and MHD (for health document sharing)

The InterSystems IRIS for Health FHIR repository offers full read/write capabilities, receiving or sending FHIR resources via the FHIR RESTful API in JSON or XML formats. This allows applications built on the latest technologies to use FHIR data — new or mapped from legacy systems — for patient care, quality improvement, research, and other use cases.

InterSystems IRIS for Health

Creating Applications and Building Complementary Solutions Around MedTech

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InterSystems IRIS for Health provides a platform that communicates easily with all versions of FHIR, and a FHIR Resource Repository to store FHIR data. The platform includes advanced data management, interoperability, natural language processing, analytics, and out-of-the-box machine learning technology. With InterSystems IRIS for Health, MedTech companies can access and combine device data with data from clinical information and other systems to:

  • Accelerate development of complete solutions around your devices or treatments
  • Decrease the time, effort and cost of post-market surveillance while preventing adverse clinical events
  • Go beyond post-market surveillance to monitor devices and understand quickly where product improvements are needed
  • Capture outcome metrics for use in value-based care contracts

InterSystems IRIS for Health
Medical Technology Innovators

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Population Health & Analytics on FHIR
InterSystems HealthShare aggregates data from multiple electronic health records and other types of systems – even those that may only expose their data using legacy interfaces.

Through HealthShare, all data for an individual can be transformed and aggregated as a FHIR representation, and applications developed with FHIR can access it, such as SMART on FHIR apps. This FHIR repository of data allows applications based on the latest technology to use that data for patient care, value-based care, quality improvement, research, and other use cases.

Clinical Research

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Access to real-world clinical data is essential to improving clinical trial recruitment, therapy improvement, and post-marketing surveillance. Yet few companies have mastered its access and use. Recent US regulations, implementing the 21st Century Cures Act, mandate patient access to their data using FHIR R4 applications. This will make acquisition of patient data much easier for researchers with patient consent. FHIR has the potential to help in-the-field research by:

  • Monitoring protocol execution
  • Pre-populating case report forms
  • Collection of patient-reported outcomes
  • Bulk transfer of clinical data for analytics

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