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Diving Deeper Into the Stellar Services of InterSystems' Worldwide Response Center

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InterSystems’ unwavering commitment to its clients is manifested profoundly in the workings of the Worldwide Response Center(WRC). As a cornerstone of our operations, the WRC is dedicated to providing premium technical support to our clients at any time of the day, every day of the week. To help shed light on what truly sets the WRC apart, we invited Shree Mohan, our esteemed WRC UK Support Manager, to share more about this exceptional platform.

The WRC: More Than Just a Support Center

Serving as a centralised hub for support on all InterSystems' products, the WRC offers various channels for clients to connect, including our website, email, and phone. However, the WRC goes beyond the standard model of customer service. It emphasises a one-on-one approach, providing customers with a dedicated individual who maintains a comprehensive overview of their issue, ensuring smooth and efficient resolution.

Our support team upholds a unique balance between simplicity and efficiency, always prioritising high-quality customer service. The aim is not just to resolve issues but to create a "wow" experience for the customer. This involves giving clients the reins of the process, allowing them to determine the priority level of their issue and decide when the case should be closed. This singular focus on the customer and their needs truly sets InterSystems apart in the field.

Given the mission-critical services our clients provide, we understand the utmost importance of resolving any arising issues promptly. That's why our advisors are empowered to dedicate as much time as necessary to each problem, focusing on delivering an excellent client experience rather than striving for high call volumes.

We are committed to engaging with enquiries swiftly, promising a response within 30 minutes, and addressing calls in less than 15 minutes. But it's our results that truly reflect the efficiency of our service:

50% of all queries are resolved in a single interaction, whether that's a call or email.

An additional 30% are solved within the same day.

The remaining 20% of queries are resolved within a few days, during which we recreate the customer’s environment and issue to facilitate accurate and effective problem-solving.

On average, the WRC handles over 1,000 calls a month, a number that has been steadily decreasing as our customers develop a deeper familiarity with our products and features.

Inside the Minds of Our WRC Advisors

InterSystems' support specialists are a diverse and dedicated team, driven by a shared commitment to help people, a passion for problem-solving, and a deep sense of empathy. Each advisor brings a unique perspective to the table, offering innovative and effective solutions to complex issues. They excel at understanding the specific needs of the customer and providing support tailored to those needs.

With a strong focus on cultivating long-term success for our partners, our advisors strive to be readily available resources whenever they are needed. This consistency and dependability have led many clients to see the WRC as an extension of their own teams, consulting us on critical decisions and best practices.

Fostering a Collaborative, Knowledge-Sharing Community

We recognize that many queries we receive stem from a lack of awareness about certain products or their features. In response to this, we have created a platform to share knowledge with the wider InterSystems community. When we identify common queries, we compile and publish articles to share insights that may assist other customers experiencing similar issues. We also encourage customers to share their solutions and insights within the InterSystems Developer Community, creating a culture of collective learning and growth.

Our Unwavering Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Every interaction with a customer concludes with a feedback survey, allowing us to continuously improve our services based on their experiences and suggestions. We are proud to maintain an average feedback rating of 9.8/10, a testament to the dedication and commitment of our support specialists. Every piece of feedback, every comment or suggestion, is carefully reviewed by senior management, driving continuous enhancements and ensuring we always go the extra mile for our customers.

The WRC offers unparalleled global support, 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether you have a question, a query, or require support, you can always count on the WRC portal to provide prompt, efficient, and effective assistance. We believe in empowering our clients, standing by them as partners in success, and the Worldwide Response Center is a shining embodiment of that belief.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Worldwide Response Center

Q1: What is the WRC?

A: The Worldwide Response Center (WRC) is InterSystems' dedicated platform for technical support. It provides support for all InterSystems products and is available to our clients 24/7, 365 days a year.

Q2: How can I contact the WRC?

A: You can get in touch with the WRC through various channels including our website, email, and phone. The WRC is designed to provide you with a single point of contact to ensure a seamless resolution process.

Q3: How quickly does the WRC respond to queries?

A: The WRC is committed to engaging with all enquiries within 30 minutes, and phone calls are addressed in less than 15 minutes. We prioritize efficient and swift service to help our clients keep their mission-critical services running smoothly.

Q4: How successful is the WRC in resolving issues?

A: We strive to resolve issues as quickly as possible. 50% of all queries are resolved in a single interaction, whether that's a call or email. An additional 30% are solved on the same day, while the remaining 20% are resolved within a few days.

Q5: What kind of support do WRC advisors provide?

A: Our support specialists are dedicated to helping our clients solve problems, providing tailored support to meet their specific needs. They are empowered to dedicate as much time as necessary to each problem, ensuring thorough and comprehensive solutions.

Q6: How does the WRC contribute to the wider InterSystems community?

A: The WRC plays a key role in fostering a collaborative, knowledge-sharing culture within the InterSystems community. We publish articles addressing common queries and encourage customers to share their insights within the InterSystems Developer Community.

Q7: How does the WRC measure customer satisfaction?

A: Following the resolution of their case, every customer is sent a survey to gather feedback. This feedback informs our continuous efforts to improve our service. Currently, our average feedback rating is 9.8/10.

Q8: Can I rely on the WRC for support throughout the year?

A: Absolutely. The WRC offers global support, 24/7, 365 days a year. Whenever you have a question, query, or require support, the WRC is there to assist you.