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Build a Performance Monitor for Outcomes-Based Contracting with InterSystems IRIS for Health
Presented by Jeff Morgan
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Many MedTech companies are entering into strategic agreements – for various types of value- or outcome-based care initiatives.

Watch this session and demo to learn how you can build a performance monitor with InterSystems IRIS for Health to track metrics and outcomes for these programmes in real-time – by connecting to multiple systems of record, leveraging InterSystems FHIR Transformation Service and InterSystems FHIR repository, and processing relevant health data with complex logic in a lightweight, efficient manner.

Video Chapters

0:00 – Intro
1:45 – Intro to InterSystems IRIS for Health
2:19 – InterSystems IRIS for Health Agent
3:55 – Process Flow
5:38 – Technical Demo Start
6:03 – Production
7:33 – BPL
8:50 – Dashboard
9:21 – Summary/Closing

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InterSystems MedTech partners leverage our technology and experience to advance business initiatives and market share, including:

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Connected clinical device data using standards-based interoperability
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Outcomes-based contract monitoring
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Analytics to optimise device performance
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Registries for regulatory and device maintenance