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Retours d'expérience réussie

La réussite de nos clients est ce qui nous motive - à innover, évoluer et relever de nouveaux défis. Découvrez des retours d'expériences réussies de nos clients et partenaires qui pourront vous inspirer.

Supply Chain et Logistique

Découvrez comment les leaders de l'industrie s'appuient sur la technologie d'InterSystems pour obtenir une supply chain agile et résiliente.
02 févr. 2023
Unifying Fragmented Systems
VNF was able to unify seven different information systems while providing agility and responsiveness.
11 août 2021
Inventory Management
Mondial Tissus is a market leader and the largest network of fabric and sewing supply stores in France. Portraying itself as a 39-year-old start-up, it operates a network of 100 stores serving eight million customers each year. Its sales floors are conceived as inspirational spaces filled with a large assortment of sewing and knitting products.
31 oct. 2023
Transformation numérique
Paltac, le premier grossiste japonais de produits cosmétiques et de médicaments en vente libre, joue un rôle clé dans la distribution de ces produits aux détaillants du Japon. L'entreprise met à disposition plus de 50 000 articles provenant de 1 000 fabricants à plus de 400 détaillants exploitant plus de 50 000 magasins. Dès son origine, Paltac s'est concentré sur le développement interne afin de conférer à sa chaîne d'approvisionnement un avantage compétitif.
21 juin 2021
Founded in 2006, Beijing Amcare Women’s and Children’s Hospital has established itself as a privately owned, premium healthcare organization providing high quality services in seven major areas, including gynecology, obstetrics, and pediatrics. The organization believes that digital transformation is the best approach to continuous improvement and growth as a top international brand offering healthcare services for women and children. To reach its goal, Amcare has spent the past several years investing in and exploring the integration of healthcare with information technologies.
18 mai 2021
The InterSystems IRIS data platform provides the infrastructure for the development and easy deployment of updates to the pharmacy software awintaONE® Containers are revolutionizing agile IT development environments as an innovative option for deploying and homogeneously managing software solutions. A good example of this is provided by awinta GmbH, the market leader for pharmacy software in Germany. For the continuous development of its awintaONE software, the company relies on containerization as part of the InterSystems® solution portfolio. This makes it possible to solve all programming requirements “out of the box” and provide pharmacy users with the most modern merchandise management system in the industry.

Services financiers

Apprenez pourquoi les organismes financiers les plus performants au monde utilisent notre technologie pour relever leurs défis les plus complexes.
06 juin 2023
Harris Associates
InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management delivers the insights needed to improve portfolio returns, boost client engagement, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiencies.
28 mars 2022
Broadridge Financial Solutions
The Challenge Broadridge Financial Solutions, a $5-billion global fintech leader handling $7TN of fixed income and equities securities trades per day, needed a better way to manage and distribute growing volumes of data.
16 nov. 2021
Major International Investment Bank
Enables Real-Time Capabilities, Advanced Analytics, and Scalability
09 nov. 2020
Financial Center First Credit Union
Member Campaign Speaks to Current Crisis, Builds on Credit Union’s Pillars
04 juin 2020
Rathbone Brothers Plc
The role of the IT department in modern financial services organizations involves a difficult balancing act.

Santé et Sciences de la Vie

Découvrez comment nos clients utilisent nos solutions pour les soins de santé afin de stimuler l'innovation, d'améliorer les connaissances et de fournir des services de soins.
13 juil. 2023
Integration Across the Delivery Network (IDN)
The developers at this large U.S. integrated delivery network (IDN) have no patience for integration engines that mindlessly do one job and one job only. Since replacing an old engine with InterSystems integration technology over a decade ago, the IDN has seen InterSystems solutions solve multiple problems to power growth, save employee time, and reduce costs. In one project alone, InterSystems saved them $100,000. Other examples of benefits delivered using InterSystems integration technology include:
02 mai 2023
In the greater New York City area, Healthfirst, a not-for-profit, hospital-sponsored health plan and pioneer in value-based care, recognized the need for collaborative data exchange with providers for quality and improved member outcomes.
21 déc. 2022
ROI and a Healthier Population
The Rhodes Group HCV algorithm and communications using InterSystems HealthShare helps New Mexico managed care organizations avoid millions of dollars in penalties for missing HCV treatment targets
04 nov. 2022
Inpatient-level of Care at Home
A private hospital group in the Middle East is bringing the hospital to patients at home. The care team uses in-home devices to monitor patients and a phone app to deliver device and patient-generated data to its EMR. The physicians and nurses making virtual house calls have all the information they need, using familiar software, for optimal, personalized care.
04 nov. 2022
eConsult is improving the delivery and efficiency of primary, emergency, and outpatient care at the UK NHS with InterSystems IRIS for Health.
02 nov. 2022
Belgium Public Social Welfare Services
A Digital Healthcare Transformation with InterSystems IRIS for Health in Belgium

Découvrez des retours d'expérience de nos clients

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