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Etsi tietoja InterSystemsin tuotteista ja ratkaisuista, uramahdollisuuksista ja muusta.

Faster Decision-Making, Time-to-Insight Critical for Increasing Supply Chain Resilience, Improving Customer Experience

Smart Data-Decision Making

Today’s supply chain landscape is evolving rapidly due to the influx of data, posing challenges for businesses and putting supply chain leaders under pressure to stay competitive. Firms face pressures to respond effectively to geopolitical events, market disruptions, and changing customer expectations.

Navigating thousands of touchpoints and handling a deluge of data has made smarter, agile accurate decision-making paramount to robust supply chains for predicting and mitigating disruptions in real-time. In the midst of these challenges, however, opportunities arise to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.

The complexity of supply chains demands a holistic view, leveraging predictive and prescriptive insights to proactively address disruptions. With over 40,000 touchpoints, real-time decision intelligence becomes essential to respond swiftly to market fluctuations and avoid costly losses.

Decision intelligence enables agility and minimizes risk

To manage the growing amount of data generated from disparate sources, supply chains need a unified platform that integrates automated insights and storytelling capabilities to allow businesses to uncover valuable trends and patterns and facilitate faster and informed decision-making.

According to the 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Analytics and Decision Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain, “by 2026, 75% of global enterprises will apply decision intelligence practices for logging decisions for subsequent analysis.” 

Powered by advanced analytics and AI technologies, real-time decision intelligence and connected data accelerate responses to disruptions in order to minimize risk and avoid losses. By improving efficiency, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving sustained growth, decision intelligence is crucial for supply chain resilience and success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator™integrates and analyzes data from disparate sources to provide an unified view of the supply chain, enabling faster decision making and enhancing supply chain orchestration.

Embedded AI/ML detects supply chain trends to optimize demand sensing and forecasting 

According to Gartner, “by 2026, more than 80% of newly created supply chain applications will leverage AI and data science, resulting in additional insightful information, predictions and suggestions.” Leveraging AI technology such as ML with large datasets allows businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviors, anticipate future opportunities or risks, and develop use-case-specific decision support solutions, achieving greater levels of automation-driven outcomes while minimizing risk. Near-real-time data analysis that is accurate, is essential for supply chain customers to stay ahead in an increasingly complex business environment.

The convergence of analytics, business intelligence, and data science platforms in the market enables businesses to shift towards more agile decision intelligence systems, through rapid analysis of large datasets and predictive insights for proactive decision-making by operations teams throughout the organization.

Embedded AI/ML techniques optimize demand sensing and forecasting by detecting current short-term supply chain trends in near real time with data that is harmonized and normalized. Applications can be quickly optimized for improved inventory allocation and on-shelf availability, and increased forecast accuracy.

A unified source of data improves accuracy and reliability of insights derived from data and information culled across different sources. InterSystems technology equips supply chains with contextually relevant and adaptive insights, enabling seamless coordination across touchpoints and optimizing fulfillment through adaptive responses to order changes, supplier availability issues, and demand spikes. Achieving success with supply chains requires a culture of data-driven decision-making with shortened time to insights -- in a rapidly changing landscape, faster and smarter decision-making is essential.

InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator is a data platform product that provides four embedded key technologies as one capability in one product. The ability to integrate any disparate data source in the supply chain in real-time and accurately with unifed data, real-time data analytics, intelligent processes with AI/ML driven actionable insights is game changing to help companies at any point in their digital transformation process with proven value in 6 weeks without rip-and-replace of existing technology.