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Lab Enterprise Configuration Changes to Support SARS CoV-2 Testing


SARS CoV-2 infection is detected using either Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) or serological testing techniques across the world. The precise genetic probe used now varies from testing kit to kit – and, as such, there is no internationally recognized standard, although all are equally valid from the current research.

InterSystems TrakCare Lab Enterprise now offers enhanced configurations to support this wide variety of tests and testing platforms. The solution now includes commonly used Test Items, Test Sets, Specimens, and Containers, as well as instrumentation platform configuration.

This allows InterSystems clients to implement these items “out of the box,” and the company has also extended configuration to include interpretation rules on the individual test results to derive the final outcome of the screening or confirmatory testing procedure.

This content is available within the T2020, T2019, and T2018 releases of TrakCare. Notably, the solution enables mapping of the configured items to codes from one or more classification systems (e.g. LOINC, SNOMEDCT, ICD) using the Lab Enterprise Classification Reference and Interface Coding Reference code tables. This allows organizations to meet mandates for coding standardization that can vary enormously across geographies and time, provides great flexibility for interoperability, and allows them to meet reporting obligations.


This story originally appeared the May 26, 2020- OnTrak News Flash No.4: The Fight Against COVID-19 newsletter

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