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Transforming Visions for Better Healthcare Into Reality

InterSystems and Startups

Seismic shifts in healthcare often start with a radical thought that goes beyond the barriers of existing technology, processes, and systems. It dares to ask “what if?” It considers what’s been done in new ways while adding components to make possible what seemed impossible.

InterSystems fuels this innovation with next-generation digital solutions that allow entrepreneurial organizations to explore and implement their visions turning the “what if” into “what is.”

Develop flexible, customizable applications that readily adapt to changes in networks and process flows with advanced integration, database management, and analytics capabilities that complement existing infrastructure. On-premises, cloud-agnostic, hybrid, and multi-cloud development environments provide flexible deployment options.

Customer Success Stories

Here is a small subset of our customer success stories:
Extend health care into the home for Medicare patients with a personalized digital nurse that proactively guides patients through their clinical care plan, dispenses medication, enables monitoring from a distance, integrates data with electronic health records (EHR) sends alerts to caregivers, and facilitates telehealth communication.

Pria combines components of its cloud-based infrastructure with InterSystems HealthShare® Health Connect Cloud™ to identify eligible patients, facilitate the integration of data with EHRs and connect patients with their professional and personal caregivers.

Technologies: Integration, Cloud, Homecare
Solution: InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect Cloud
Improve workflows through automation that allows physicians to easily order and check laboratory test results through EHRs. Laboratory reports are structured to focus on key results with detailed explanations and trend analysis that provide a deeper understanding of the patient’s condition.

InterSystem Health Connect Cloud provides customization and flexibility with a solution that includes connectivity messages and workflows built in for various connections in a variety of formats.

Technologies: Integration, Lab Services
Solution: InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect Cloud
Polygon Health
Provide a platform that gives people access to and control over their health records. With a free app, users can request their records from their healthcare providers. They can also access tools that help them understand and use their health data.

InterSystems Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Transformation Services support Polygon’s strategy for converting Clinical Data Architecture (CDA) documents to HL7® FHIR® and for storage of FHIR resources. The point solution is one part of a larger goal to collect and store patient data in a common format from multiple sources such as EHRs, wearable devices, and CSV.

Technologies: Integration, Cloud, FHIR
Solution: InterSystems FHIR Transformation Service
Deliver virtual-first cardiovascular disease prevention and management through a combination of remote diagnostics, e-consults, virtual visits, and chronic care management programs. People at risk of cardiovascular disease get the treatment they need quickly, easily, and proactively with cloud-based services.

InterSystems IRIS for Health™ provides an integration/interoperability tool for connecting with the EHRs at customer sites. It allows for standardized data flows for inbound HL7 to FHIR message translation, as well as more automated integrations.

Technologies: Integration, Cloud, FHIR
Solution: InterSystems IRIS for Health

What’s Your Digital Health Vision?

From concept through implementation, InterSystems provides customized, flexible solutions for enterprise digital transformation to help customers solve their most critical data challenges.

Learn more about how InterSystems supports Digital Health Innovators.

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