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Advisory: Using Browser Back Button may result in user seeing two patients data at once in Classic Clinical Viewer

December 3, 2020 – Advisory: Using Browser Back Button may result in user seeing two patient's data at once in Classic Clinical Viewer

InterSystems has identified an issue affecting the Classic Clinical Viewer, when users use the back button in a specific sequence.

This problem exists for:

  • HealthShare Unified Care Record 15.03x, 2018.1.x, 2019.1.x, 2019.2.x
  • HealthShare Clinical Viewer 2020.1.x, 2020.2.x

This issue occurs when users use the browser back button within the Classic Clinical Viewer in this precise sequence:

  1. Access patient A through Patient Search Results page
  2. On Clinical Summary of patient A, select Patient Search
  3. Select patient B
  4. When on Clinical Summary of Patient B, click browser back button twice (now user will be on the Clinical Summary for Patient A)
  5. Select "View Summary"  "Download Summary"  or "Send Summary": Data for Patient B appears
  6. The patient identifiers and data matching are consistent (i.e. Patient A data displays with Patient A identifiers Patient B data displays with Patient B identifiers).

This issue requires the user to follow the precise workflow above as outlined and only occurs in the Classic Clinical Viewer. It does not occur in the Clinical Viewer. InterSystems recommends all users review patient identifiers when viewing patient data in either the Classic Clinical Viewer or the Clinical Viewer.

If you have any questions regarding this advisory, please contact the Worldwide Response Center (WRC).