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Learn, Play, Build: Get to Know InterSystems IRIS

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InterSystems has always been committed to providing our customers with access to the education, resources, and 24/7 support that set them up for success. That’s why last month, in conjunction with the general availability release of InterSystems IRIS Data Platform, we were excited to roll out the InterSystems IRIS Experience, a new way of learning that allows guided and open access to InterSystems IRIS Data Platform. Through the Experience, companies and developers can log on and learn about the product and play with the platform using InterSystems IRIS - before ever implementing it in their own systems. Let’s take a deeper look at what the Experience has to offer and how it works.

What it has to offer for developers

The Experience enables users (companies and developers alike) to solve challenges and build solutions using real-world datasets and examples. With compelling scenarios, such as predicting patterns of financial fraud using big data analytics, developers and organizations have access to the entire InterSystems IRIS product and can experience the full power of the data platform for themselves. This experience also provides developers with an opportunity to work together to achieve success, as they are encouraged to collaborate with each other to discuss approaches and solutions to different challenges.

How does it work?

From the start, users can pick a topic or follow a structured learning path along a Learn-Play-Build approach:

  • The Learn Experience is a controlled environment in which users are given a set of courses, videos, and documentation with some guided exercises. In this model, users are given all the code and explanations needed to successfully complete the exercise.
  • The Play Experience is more of an open environment. Rather than being given all of the necessary code and prompts to complete the challenge, learners use their data science and coding skills – along with help from the InterSystems Developer Community, if they want it – to figure out how to best solve the challenge.
  • The Build Experience is the most advanced and final phase, in which the user can contact InterSystems to discuss the project they created, and learn how they can put their real data into action with InterSystems IRIS.

This Learn-Play-Build model is a new approach for InterSystems that extends our online learning offerings and cloud technology with the goal of delivering a fun, educational, and beneficial experience for developers who are eager to build sophisticated solutions.

So, are you up for the challenge?

As I mentioned, the InterSystems IRIS Experience offers users the opportunity to solve challenges and build solutions using real-world datasets and scenarios. So far, we’ve rolled out experiences for Big Data Analytics and the Cloud, with interactive challenges such as a financial fraud detection scenario, where users create a predictive model to detect fraudulent transactions in a dataset. And that just scratches the surface. We are continuing to work with the Developer Community to deliver additional experiences focused on Java development and interoperability for scenarios like predictive maintenance and IoT applications. We’re excited to not only give companies and developers access to building, testing, and playing with InterSystems IRIS Data Platform, but also to put the power in the hands of the developers to collaborate and expand their developer community.