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Time-limited migration pricing for existing customers
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InterSystems IRIS is our next generation data platform that combines the capabilities of Caché and Ensemble, and adds a wealth of exciting, new capabilities.

Existing Caché and Ensemble customers can migrate to InterSystems IRIS and experience many new features and benefits:

Higher Performance, Scalability, and Resource Efficiency
InterSystems IRIS® provides even greater performance, scalability, and resource efficiency than Caché and Ensemble on the same hardware.
Cloud Deployments
Now, with InterSystems IRIS, you can easily deploy, configure, and manage your applications in the public clouds, including AWS, GCP, Azure, TenCent, in private clouds, and in hybrid environments.
Developer Productivity
InterSystems IRIS makes application developers even more productive with built-in support for the VS Code IDE, and support for a range of development languages including Python (both server side and client side), Java, C#, and Node.js. All of the functionality in InterSystems IRIS can now be invoked via Python, as well as via ObjectScript, enabling your existing Python developers to develop and maintain sophisticated InterSystems IRIS applications with their current skills.
Machine Learning
IntegratedML® is a new capability within InterSystems IRIS that enables your SQL developers to easily develop machine learning models with just a few SQL-like commands. Machine learning models can be seamlessly embedded into applications and productions to execute in real time in response to events and transactions, allowing you to transform your applications into machine learning enabled intelligent applications.
Adaptive Analytics
Our new Adaptive Analytics capabilities provide a business-oriented, virtual data layer between InterSystems IRIS and popular Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) client tools, enabling data stewards and business users to more easily explore and analyze data without relying on IT.
Our new embedded reporting provides users with customizable, pixel-perfect reporting, and delivery capabilities.
Business Intelligence and NLP
Our business intelligence and natural language processing capabilities have been expanded and are now included with InterSystems IRIS.
Interoperability and API Management Capabilities
InterSystems IRIS includes all the existing capabilities in Ensemble plus many new features and enhancements including full lifecycle API management capabilities. Production extensions (PEX) enable standard or custom interoperability components written in Java and .NET to be called at runtime. Direct integration with Kafka provides support for high-performance real-time streaming applications.
Healthcare Transformation Capabilities
InterSystems IRIS for Health extends InterSystems IRIS with powerful capabilities to transform healthcare data among various formats and systems, supporting FHIR, HL7, DICOM, X12, CDA, and a variety of IHE profiles.
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We’ve made it super easy to migrate, supporting in-place migrations, step-by-step migration guides, and high touch support teams. Hundreds of customers have already migrated their production Caché and Ensemble applications to InterSystems IRIS.
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Application Partners: New features in InterSystems IRIS help you quickly create new cloud-based services that can help you generate new revenue and strengthen customer engagement and retention.
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Enterprise Users: InterSystems IRIS can help you transform your existing applications into smarter, machine learning enabled applications, allow you to migrate to the cloud, and gain higher levels of performance, scalability, and resource efficiency, lowering your total cost of ownership.

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