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Avignon Hospital makes the audacious choice of InterSystems' Patient Portal to strengthen its citizen-hospital relationship

The new InterSystems patient portal, TrakCare® Personal Community, deployed at the Avignon Hospital Center this summer, offers a set of teleservices to streamline the administrative process for patients, from online appointment booking to discharge.

Paris, September 13rd, 2021 – InterSystems France, an innovative company in the field of information technology whose mission is to support organizations in their digital transformation, announces today the successful implementation of its patient portal TrakCare Personal Community at the Hospital Center of Avignon with the dual objective of streamlining administrative processes and strengthening the patient-physician-hospital relationship.

The Avignon Hospital Center, a long-standing customer of InterSystems and user of its TrakCare Electronic Patient Record (EPR), has decided to renew its trust by opting for the new InterSystems patient portal. The portal allows for online appointment scheduling for consultations, efficient pre-admission management, and document downloading and communication. The portal also offers online viewing and payment of patient bills. It has been deployed in oncology as of summer 2021 and will be extended to all consultation services in the hospital.

Integrated with TrakCare EPR, InterSystems' patient portal enables the hospital to secure patient identities and reduce the creation of duplicate patients and episodes. It also provides unique capabilities to improve multiple episode management.

In a context where hospital pressure remains high due to the Covid-19 pandemic, optimizing patient pathways and scheduling appointments are strategic elements for hospitals, in order to reduce the number of patients arriving in emergency departments, improve overall patient management and strengthen cooperation between hospitals and community medicine.

For Michaël De Block, Director of Information Systems at the Vaucluse Territory Hospital Grouping: "We are delighted with the smooth deployment of the InterSystems patient portal within the Avignon hospital, the support establishment of the Vaucluse Territory Hospital Grouping. The local population, a large part of which is made up of holidaymakers, was indeed particularly in demand of a modernization of the means of access to this establishment, 3rd hospital of the PACA region behind Marseille and Nice. The interoperability of the InterSystems solution allows the hospital to be better anchored in this health territory while reinforcing the confidence of patients and nursing staff. This highly secure platform has the advantage of communicating with the existing IT infrastructures at the Avignon Hospital and meets a real need for increased information sharing between hospital professionals and medico-social players in the region (EPHAD/retirement homes, private doctors, general practitioners, etc.).”

In addition, the deployment of this tool by the Avignon Hospital Center is part of its participation in the HOP'EN program " Digital Hospital open to its environment ", whose roadmap defined in 2019 by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health aims to modernize hospital information systems. The Avignon Hospital Center has positioned itself, among other things, in area 7 of this public initiative, "making online services available to users and patients". The program provides for a multi-million-euros funding component over 4 years to accelerate the digitization of the patient experience in hospitals. The Avignon Hospital Center benefits from substantial subsidies within this framework, allowing it to accelerate its digital strategy.

Laurent Parzy, Sales Director for Healthcare Institutions at InterSystems, said: "We are delighted to extend our collaboration with the Avignon Hospital Center, which has placed its trust in us for nearly 20 years and whose strong culture of innovation makes it an important driver in the development of our healthcare solutions. The choice to implement a patient portal with multiple functionalities is not yet made in all hospitals: we therefore salute the boldness of the Avignon Hospital Center, which was able to anticipate the benefits arising from the digitization of administrative processes, in a context where hospital services are still subject to strong pressures. We hope to further develop this partnership to improve the patient-doctor relationship in the years to come."

Fabrice Chassat, Project Manager at InterSystems, explains: "The deployment of this integrated patient portal is a first for InterSystems in France. However, it has already proven itself internationally, notably in Scotland and Italy. Deployed within NHS Lothian, it manages the scheduling of Covid vaccination appointments throughout Scotland. It is also deployed at the Agostino Gemelli Hospital in Rome to improve patient pathway management and treatment plans for children with chronic diseases. We would like to highlight the exemplary mobilization of the teams of the Hospital Center and those of InterSystems who ensured the integration of the portal in an extremely short time and made this deployment a success.”

Michaël De Block concludes: “The health crisis has removed many obstacles to the development of telemedicine, as evidenced by the boom in teleconsultations and other teleservices. We are convinced that the use of innovative, reliable and highly secure tools, such as the InterSystems portal, is the best model for successfully dematerializing patient care and putting people back at the center of the hospital. By facilitating rapid patient care in equipped departments, as well as relieving congestion in emergency rooms, this new portal is a fine example of success at a time when it is becoming essential to improve the relationship between citizens and the public hospital. Its implementation has met with great support from professionals and patients and we are already working on extending it to all the departments of the Avignon Hospital Center.”


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