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Tackle your biggest data challenges with FHIR-based solutions
InterSystems is proudly recognised as a global leader in standards-based interoperability, including FHIR.

InterSystems Solutions Address Your Biggest Data Challenges

Legacy Data Integration
Integrate data from different sources, utilising a myriad of standards, formats, and technologies
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Building Your Own FHIR Solutions
InterSystems technology provides a choice of programming languages and the building blocks needed to develop FHIR applications
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MedTech Apps and Complementary Solutions
Access and combine device data with data from clinical information and other systems
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Population Health & Analytics on FHIR
All data for an individual can be transformed and aggregated as a FHIR representation, and applications developed with FHIR can access it
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Clinical Research
Access to real-world clinical data is essential to improving clinical trial recruitment, therapy improvement, and post-marketing surveillance.
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Access to Comprehensive Patient Records
Our platform aggregates data from multiple electronic health records and other types of systems—even those using only legacy interfaces.

InterSystems FHIR-based Solutions

InterSystems has a suite of FHIR-based solutions that can address the most complex challenges to your mission-critical applications. Let us help you find the ideal solution to address your needs.
Rapidly access & use FHIR data, without the need to create your own FHIR computing infrastructure with InterSystems Cloud Services
Extract more value from your health data at scale and make informed care decisions
For Faster Healthcare App Development
Create healthcare applications that consume and create FHIR® resources, such as discrete data from an EMR, without having to build the FHIR infrastructure yourself.
FHIR-based Healthcare Application Development. Advanced Interoperability. Unprecedented Speed. Massive Scale.
High Availability, High Performance Healthcare Integration Engine
Clinical Workflow, Doctors, Hospital, Data Management
Ultimate Control Tower
Recognised as a Global Leader in Interoperability
InterSystems technology is used by thousands of clients to build and run mission-critical, data-intensive healthcare applications.

Notable Recognition:
  • Multiple "KLAS Leader for the Interoperability Platforms" Awards

  • Received an exceptional 91 out of 100 approval rating based on customer feedback in KLAS Research “Interoperability Platforms” reports

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