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BitHealth & InterSystems Partner to Accelerate Digital Healthcare Transformation in Indonesia

Jakarta, 20 October 2023 – BitHealth, a provider of digital health service solutions through innovative technology, announced its collaboration with InterSystems through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This collaboration will create innovative digital solutions for the health sector in Indonesia to improve data management and integration, leading to better quality health services for the community. Representatives attending the event were Peter James Rampengan, Chief of Sales and Marketing, BitHealth and Luciano Brustia, Regional Managing Director, Asia Pacific, InterSystems.

Currently, the majority of hospitals in Indonesia face challenges in data integration and information management, which are often performed manually, with the risk of human errors. Some hospitals also end up having various separate application systems required to run various aspects of hospital business operations which run independently and result in different languages and data standards. Data is held in multiple locations even within the same hospital environment. The effect of this lack of data integration is that reports and information become difficult to use to support the decision-making of hospital executive management or doctors, as it would consume too much time. This also means that without accurate, correct, and standardized data, it will be difficult to provide high-quality, effective, and efficient healthcare services.

Since 2019, BitHealth has had a mission to empower healthcare service companies to optimize their businesses and operations by incorporating technological solutions. Committed to supporting the acceleration of digitalization in the healthcare industry in Indonesia, BitHealth currently has more than 20 projects, backed by over 100 engineers, and more than 15 expert consultants. The partnership with InterSystems is a strategic step aimed at improving the quality of patient care, streamlining hospital operations through digitalization, data integration, and interoperability, and enhancing overall healthcare service quality. This represents a significant advancement in healthcare technology evolution. BitHealth is also fully supportive of the government "SATUSEHAT" program, a progressive initiative to integrate highly diverse and disparate healthcare data from various systems and communication protocols throughout the entire healthcare sector in Indonesia.

InterSystems is a creative data technology provider dedicated to helping customers solve the most critical scalability, interoperability, and speed problems. The partnership agreement focuses on the InterSystems IRIS for Health™ – Indonesia Editiondata platform. Combining this technology with BitHealth’s healthcare analytics solution portfolio and services will enable hospitals to gain a holistic view of their operations and clients to save time in decision-making and achieve other benefits more quickly than alternative approaches.

“From the beginning, BitHealth has been positioned as a digital healthcare service solutions provider in Indonesia, specializing in digital healthcare technology. Its mission is to engage healthcare companies in enhancing their services through digital healthcare service transformation. This strategic partnership aims to combine this expertise in digital healthcare service solutions with InterSystems technology capabilities to create a data management solution to empower healthcare providers and ultimately improve the quality of patient care,” said Peter James Rampengan, Chief of Sales and Marketing at BitHealth.

“InterSystems is excited to partner with BitHealth, a respected leader in Indonesia that has demonstrated a deep understanding of the healthcare systems market. This strategic partnership will allow InterSystems to more rapidly expand the market for InterSystems IRIS for Health and accelerate the digital transformation of the healthcare industry in Indonesia. Working in partnership, InterSystems and BitHealth can leverage each other’s strengths, resources, and networks to serve an increased number of healthcare providers,” said Luciano Brustia, Regional Managing Director, Asia Pacific at InterSystems.

BitHealth offers various digital solutions for hospitals and other healthcare facilities, which can be customized with features according to client needs. Some features that provide a digital experience include EMR Implementation, Human Capital Management System, AI-Powered Document Management System, AI-Powered Claim Management Systems, Mobile Apps for Patient Experience, and Mobile Apps for Doctor & Nurse Management. BitHealth also provides healthcare analytics solutions derived from data management, cloud, and AI, such as Pharmacy Inventory Analytics, Clinical Decision Support Systems, Data Warehouse, Hospital Performance Analytics, and Data Analytics & Visualization.

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About BitHealth
Established in Jakarta in 2019, BitHealth is a digital healthcare solutions provider and transformation partner to healthcare organizations in Indonesia specializing in digital healthcare technology. BitHealth empowers healthcare organizations to optimize their operations by providing expertise and services to leverage advanced technology solutions. For more information, please visit

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