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Manage Mining Operations in Real Time

Enabling the Digital Mine
Open Pit Copper Mine in Chile
Mining Industry
Next-generation Digital Transformation Software
InterSystems IRIS for Mining Operations works with mining operators existing machinery and software applications to:

  • Connect, integrate and transform data and real-time signals from existing equipment and applications to provide an accurate, consistent, and current view across silos with customizable and interactive dashboards.
  • Deliver customizable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and real-time alerts as data levels and KPIs approach pre-defined thresholds.
  • Perform a wide range of analytics, including business intelligence, predictive analytics, machine learning, and more, with high performance data management and analytics capabilities and access to any and all production data.

Harnessing Data and Analytics to Improve Operations and Reduce Costs

According to the World Economic Forum¹, digital transformation initiatives in the mining industry will generate:
$320 B+
Industry value over the next decade, equivalent to 7% of industry revenue and 9% of industry profit.
$30 B
Value to society and the environment, as a result of a reduction of 610 million tons of CO2 emissions
Decrease in injuries and 10% decrease in lives lost, showing an improvement in safety
A cloud-first data platform for high-performance applications.
Optimized for data-intensive analytics
Provides seamless interoperability with existing infrastructures
Positioned as a Challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud DBMSs
Patricio Rojas Ábalos, CEO, Antara


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