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Unified Data Has the Power
to Transform

Empowering financial services firms to transform at scale, so they can
increase customer satisfaction, adopt generative AI, maintain compliance,
grow revenue, and optimize efficiency.
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Software Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

In the fast-moving financial services industry, where timeliness and precision are paramount, InterSystems technology is a catalyst for transformation.

Our financial services solutions unlock data trapped in silos across your enterprise, simplifying your architecture in a non-disruptive way to deliver performance where it matters most.

With an unwavering focus on customer success, we empower banks, asset managers, insurers, fintechs, data providers, and other financial institutions to unlock new possibilities.

A Platform Designed for Performance

capital markets graphs
2 Billion Stock Trades
Real-time stock trades executed every day amid unprecedented market volatility
stopwatch graphic with fast motion lines
9X Faster Processing
Faster processing at scale than a high-performance in-memory data platform in a side-by-side comparison
technical complexity graphic
70% Less Infrastructure
A single platform to create a smart data fabric, using 70% less infrastructure than a leading cloud data platform

Supporting the Evolution

Fueling innovation in retail, commercial and corporate banking to power digital customer experiences and generative AI initiatives, automate processes, optimize regulatory reporting, and minimize risk.
Keeping capital markets running with a modern, high-performance, cloud-first software solution to power mission-critical investment banking operations built on unified data.
Enabling better business outcomes with easier access to data, supporting better investment decisions, improved risk management, adherence to compliance requirements, and cost reduction.
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Insurance Firms
Transforming operations with unified data and automation that enables business leaders to manage risk, prevent fraud, achieve customer personalization, and process claims faster.
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Fintechs and Data Providers
Supporting product innovation with a platform designed for performance, scalability and operational efficiency.
How Harris Associates Breaks Down Data Silos in Asset Management
Harris Associates breaks down data silos by implementing a smart data fabric, reducing the time it takes to make informed business decisions.
Businessman working at high desk using laptop
Unlocking the True Potential of Enterprise Data with a Smart Data Fabric
Dubbed "the future of data management" by Gartner, an enterprise data fabric is a new architectural approach that speeds and simplifies access to data assets across data lakes, data warehouses, data clouds, data lakehouses, applications, third party data, documents and other sources.

InterSystems smart data fabric takes this approach further by embedding a wide range of machine learning and AI-enabled capabilities that make it faster and easier for financial services firms to gain new insights and enhance predictive or prescriptive analytics.

Designed For Flexibility and Scalability

Our financial services solutions are designed to be tailored to client needs. Whether you're building a data-intensive application or want to simplify access to all your data assets, InterSystems can help.
Jul 06, 2021
InterSystems IRIS® is a cloud-first high-performance data platform designed to make it easy to build applications that support mission-critical processes by connecting live data across disparate systems and silos.
Jun 06, 2024
InterSystems® Data Fabric Studio™ is a fully managed solution that streamlines access to data across silos via self-service cloud software, delivering a single source of trusted data to all consumers.
Oct 24, 2023
InterSystems TotalView™ For Asset Management is tailor-made to speed and simplify access to all enterprise data for asset managers without the need for developer resources via fully-managed cloud software.
J. Kevin Ryan, President & CEO, Financial Center First Credit Union

Delivering Financial Services
Solutions For Decades

TD Ameritrade
Rathbones - Look forward
Credit Suisse

Singularly Focused on Client Success

Jun 06, 2023
Harris Associates
InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management delivers the insights needed to improve portfolio returns, boost client engagement, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiencies.
Mar 29, 2022
Broadridge Financial Solutions
The Challenge Broadridge Financial Solutions, a $5-billion global fintech leader handling $7TN of fixed income and equities securities trades per day, needed a better way to manage and distribute growing volumes of data.
Nov 09, 2020
Financial Center First Credit Union
Member Campaign Speaks to Current Crisis, Builds on Credit Union’s Pillars
Jun 05, 2020
Rathbones Group
The role of the IT department in modern financial services organizations involves a difficult balancing act.

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