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HealthShare Health Insight

Analytics Companion for the HealthShare Unified Care Record 

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InterSystems HealthShare Health Insight is an analytics solution and companion to our HealthShare Unified Care Record software. It provides real-time, actionable insights for care, and in-depth retrospective analysis for clinical, business, and population health management.

HealthShare continuously aggregates data from EMR systems, claims systems, health information networks, social care, and other sources to keep its unified care record up-to-date. Health Insight renders actionable intelligence from this data and delivers it into your existing clinical and care management workflows. With HealthShare and Health Insight, you can:

  • Analyze patient data at a population-level using a relational data model
  • Identify patients for community-wide care management, registries, and population health management
  • Create clinical and business reports and dashboards 
  • Highlight gaps in care with event and time-based notifications to clinicians and care managers
  • Monitor performance over time for process improvement and quality measurement

Part of the comprehensive HealthShare Analytics Solution, Health Insight contributes to your smart healthcare data fabric with a curated, patient-level healthcare data model to support advanced clinical notifications.

Key features of Health Insight include:

  • Healthcare Data Model Designed for Analytics
  • Data Quality Management
  • Dynamic Intelligence for Actionable Insight 
  • Built-In Dashboard and Reporting Capabilities
  • Connected to Your Entire Analytics Architecture
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Analyze and Act on Aggregated Data with Confidence

Part of the comprehensive HealthShare Analytics Solution, Health Insight contributes to your smart healthcare data fabric with a curated, patient-level healthcare data model and a real-time rules engine to support advanced clinical notifications.

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Healthcare as we know it is changing. Rapidly. Because we’re putting massive amounts of data to work to connect patients and providers like never before.
As we design the healthcare analytics architecture of the future, we need pursue a design that overcomes the limits of information silos, harmonizes all our information assets, and makes them just as accessible as our distributed data, without the blurred vision.
Global Head of Healthcare Market Strategy
Today more than ever before, organizations are striving to gain a competitive edge, deliver more value to customers, reduce risk, and respond more quickly to the needs of the business. To achieve these goals, organizations need easy access to a single view of accurate, consistent, and trusted data – and all in real time. However, growing volumes and complexities of data make this difficult to achieve in practice. As data grows, so does the prevalence of data silos, making integrating and leveraging data from internal and external data sources a challenge.
InterSystems HealthShare Analytics Solution, built on the leading healthcare data platform, InterSystems IRIS for Health, helps you realize the return on that investment. It supports you and your organization in:
Just like a drummer delivers power to the band, your data should also give power your decision-makers and caregivers. With Healthcare Analytics, you can drive and empower your entire healthcare organization to deliver better care and outcomes for the populations you serve through healthy, organized data.

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