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HealthShare Provider Directory

Single Source of Truth for Provider Data Management

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A 2018 CMS review of Medicare Advantage Organization provider directories found that nearly 49% of directories contained inaccurate information. Inaccurate information propagated across multiple clinical and administrative systems negatively impact efficiency and cash flow.

InterSystems HealthShare Provider Directory is a standalone master data management solution that automates the process of collecting, consolidating, and publishing accurate provider information. It enables you to more easily comply with regulations for patient data sharing, enhance customer service, and improve the efficiency of any business process that requires up-to-date and accurate provider information.

HealthShare Provider Directory compiles data from multiple sources, including NPPES national provider identification files. It uses a linkage engine and business rules to select the most accurate and up to date information and creates master records for individual providers and provider organizations.

Key features of Provider Directory include:

  • Data normalization and deduplication
  • Validation rules to screen for errors
  • Sortable Task Lists
  • Phonetic, location, and organization type search functions
  • Master Browser central access point
  • Transparency in creating and updating master records
  • User management
  • Sharing
  • Push Updates
  • On premises or in-cloud hosting

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Innovation with HealthShare
Healthcare as we know it is changing. Rapidly. Because we’re putting massive amounts of data to work to connect patients and providers like never before.
  • Automates information gathering and processing, and keeps content accurate and up to date
  • Publishes provider directory to the website and other locations
  • Shares information via FHIR 4.0 APIs per CMS rules and submits accurate NPPES data to CMS

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