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Rapidly Onboard to SATUSEHAT

While Creating a FHIR Repository of Clean Data


The government’s launch of the SATUSEHAT platform marks a pivotal moment for healthcare organizations in Indonesia to securely access and share patient data for improved care planning and delivery. The InterSystems IRIS for Health data platform takes the heavy lifting out of sharing data with SATUSEHAT. It also provides the foundation organizations need to unlock the value of their data to make better decisions and fuel innovation.


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Let InterSystems Fast Track your Engagement with SATUSEHAT and unlock the power of your data.

A Glimpse of Who We Are

For over 45 years InterSystems has been a global leader in data management and interoperability. InterSystems IRIS for Health is proven technology that underpins our TrakCare EMR, trusted by Indonesia’s leading private hospitals. It also enables TrakCare to be one of the world’s most interoperable EMRs.