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InterSystems Delivers a Single View of Data for Asset Management Firms with InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management

Fully managed, cloud-native solution accelerates decision-making and improves investment management by integrating and harmonizing enterprise and external data

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., October 24, 2023InterSystems, a creative data technology provider dedicated to helping customers solve their most critical scalability, interoperability, and speed problems, today introduced InterSystems TotalView™ For Asset Management, a fully managed cloud-native solution delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) to create sustainable advantage for asset management firms. The self-service solution accelerates critical decision-making with a single view of data, enabling asset management firms to better manage risk and achieve compliance.

Leveraging a trusted smart data fabric architecture, InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management addresses what has been a major challenge for asset management firms for years – delivering a single and trusted source of consistent, timely, and accurate information. This “single source of truth” integrates and harmonizes enterprise and external data, servicing all data consumers that need to leverage disparate data spread across silos spanning the front, middle, and back office, external sources that include data from third-party service providers.

High-performance data management solves data management challenges for asset managers

InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management aims to create a single view of high-quality data in order to address these challenges for asset managers contending with disparate data sources and high volumes of data – improving risk and compliance efforts and empowering real-time decision-making so that firms are unlocking value from their data.

Harris Associates, a U.S.-based asset management firm with $95 billion in assets under management[i] has adopted InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management in order to overcome data challenges and boost its portfolio performance, profitability, and client experience.

“With our adoption of InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management, we are finally able to solve the chief data challenge in asset management – how to bring ever-expanding volumes of disparate data together to create that single source of truth to serve all users of data across the firm,” said Jey Amalraj, CTO, Harris Associates. “We deal with a lot of data in terms of volume and complexity. I’ve been working with data for 25 years. We have tried a few solutions and finally found something that works.”

According to Scott Gnau, Head of Data Platforms at InterSystems, “Unlike traditional approaches to data management, our solution is based on a modern, smart data fabric-based architecture. Asset management firms leveraging InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management benefit from one single, trusted, and accurate view of data across the business that improves investment performance, risk management, regulatory compliance, and client experiences, accelerates time to value, and reduces errors, manual effort, complexity, and costs. Our smart data fabric architecture delivers the quickest time-to-value and is scalable through self-service, ensuring that our clients can adapt and expand their data capabilities seamlessly as their needs evolve.”

End-to-end data aggregation, integration and analytics streamlines access to data

Built on InterSystems IRIS®, InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management provides end-to-end data aggregation, integration, harmonization, and analytics to meet complex and demanding requirements for fast, accurate, and timely access to information. Unlike traditional data management approaches, InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management is a scalable self-service solution designed to streamline access to all enterprise data for data analysts, stewards, and engineers, without requiring developer resources.

 InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management uses a modern approach to data management based on a smart data fabric architecture that complements existing data infrastructure and applications – including data warehouses, data marts, and data lakes – eliminating latency, complexity, and inconsistency issues. The timely, consistent, and accurate data delivered by InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management streamlines client, operational, and regulatory reporting, feeds analytics applications, and improves various other mission-critical activities that rely on high-quality data.

Key features include:

  • A range of data operations and automation capabilities including loading, transformation, validation, reconciliation, promotion, and cataloging that speed the integration of new data sources and ensure data quality, consistency, and integrity
  • Full change history and a historical data store to meet auditability requirements and business needs
  • A customer-extensible canonical data model that creates and maintains a common metadata and semantic layer across all data from disparate applications and sources
  • Automated predictive query optimizations that increase time to value
  • Sample portfolio reports and dashboards designed to facilitate data-driven insights and improve decision-making for asset management firms

Available in leading public clouds, InterSystems TotalView For Asset Management is now generally available. To learn more, please visit

[i] As of September 30, 2023

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