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COVID-19 Screening Assessment Solution


medical professional putting on a mask

As announced on February 20, InterSystems released global functionality to help clinicians screen patients for COVID-19 using World Health Organization (WHO) guidance.

Since then, we have been updating the tool as the WHO changes its guidance and are up to our third global update. Changes are very frequent, and, by the time you read this newsletter, we may have already released a newer version.

The solution is available from T2017 and is already in use globally. It includes:

  • A scored screening assessment to inform whether the patient does or does not meet the WHO clinical criteria for infection.
  • A link to the tracking app provided by Johns Hopkins CSSE for clinicians to conveniently review epidemiology of the disease.
  • Icons that alert clinicians about patient screening status.
  • A decision support rule that notifies clinicians when a patient with a temperature in excess of 38 degrees Celsius has not been screened. The system also provides quick access to the screening assessment so that it can be promptly completed.
  • A worklist showing all patients with a screening indication for infection that allows clinicians to initiate interventions directly from the list.
  • A suggested decision support rule that notifies responsible care providers about individual patients with screening indications for infections. The rule can be modified locally to include proposed interventions and/or infection control consultation using TrakCare Orders and/or Order Sets*. InterSystems regional support/service executive teams will be able to support customers wanting to build this Visual Rule.

For more information, please contact your InterSystems representative.

*T2019 only
This article originally appeared the April 3, 2020 - OnTrak News Flash No.1: The Fight Against COVID-19 newsletter

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