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A Superior Alternative to In-Memory Databases and Key-Value Stores

InterSystems IRIS


Businesses often use in-memory databases or key-value stores (caching layers) when applications require extremely high performance. However, in-memory databases incur a high total cost of ownership and have hard scalability limits, incurring reliability problems and restart delays when memory limits are exceeded. In-memory key-value stores share these limitations and introduce architectural complexity and network latency as well.

This paper explains why InterSystems IRIS™ data platform is a superior alternative to in-memory databases and key-value stores for high-performance SQL and NoSQL applications.

Taking Performance and Efficiency to the Next Level

InterSystems IRIS is the only persistent database that can match or beat the performance of in-memory databases and caching layers for concurrent data ingestion and analytics processing. It can process incoming transactions, persist the data to disk, and index it for analytics in under one microsecond on commercially available hardware without introducing network latency.


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