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Agile Data Integration

HealthShare Health Connect Fact SheetFrom installation to deployed integrations and workflows, Health Connect is an integration engine that delivers the high-volume transaction support, unparalleled process management, and continuous monitoring required for the “always on” business of healthcare.

With Health Connect you can integrate more systems and departments, handle growing volumes of information and users, and innovate faster. You’ll have more time to spend solving business challenges and less on the technical details of making it happen. Use cases for Health Connect include:

  • Intuitive HL7® message transformation, routing, and workflow
  • Enabling information flow between systems to reduce data entry and associated risk of errors
  • Bridging legacy and new standards (such as HL7 FHIR®) easily
  • Improving care coordination and care quality through effective data sharing

Interoperability — Standard by Design

Healthcare organizations worldwide use InterSystems products for interoperability and improved workflow across the care continuum. Our support for global and national standards and certifications is one reason for this success. As global healthcare information protocols and standards evolve or new ones emerge, InterSystems products keep pace with these changes so you can focus on your goals.

In addition to supporting FHIR STU3 and DSTU2, Health Connect conforms to IHE standards and supports HL7 Version 2, HL7 Version 3, CDA® and CCD®, C-CDA®, DICOM, X12, ADHA (Australia), ASTM, DMP (France), EDIFACT, ITK (United Kingdom), NCPDP, and xDT (Germany).

Health Connect includes an internal messaging format called SDA. Incoming messages are broken down into discrete components, normalized, and represented as SDA. You can use Health Connect’s pre-built data transformations to convert between most standard formats via the intermediate SDA representation. These transformations can be customized to address special cases, such as proprietary or legacy formats.

The depth of Health Connect’s standards support, and its ability to translate between health data representations — for example HL7 V2 and FHIR, or a non-standard format and FHIR — gives you unmatched interoperability power and flexibility.

FHIR Capabilities

FHIR is the future of healthcare interoperability, and InterSystems is actively involved in creating that future. Employee contributions at the HL7 board level, standards-committee participation, and investment in internal resources keeps InterSystems on the forefront of FHIR implementation.

Health Connect provides all the technology interface engineers need to handle FHIR requests as easily as they now work with HL7 V2 and integration flows. It includes FHIR client and server components, a FHIR message model, and can translate between FHIR and other health information interchange standards, such as HL7 V2 and C-CDA.

Health Connect receives or sends FHIR resources via the FHIR RESTful API, in JSON or XML formats. This allows applications based on the latest technology to use FHIR data — new or mapped from legacy systems — for patient care, value-based care, quality improvement, research, and other use cases.

New Life for Patient Data in Legacy Systems

Today, thousands of HL7 V2, HL7 CDA, and other integrations form the backbone of interoperability and workflows in healthcare. Health Connect is your bridge between these and other legacy systems and the FHIR standard, transforming and aggregating their data into a FHIR representation. Examples include:

  • Transforming FHIR resources into a CDA document
  • Sending portions of HL7 messages or CDA documents out as FHIR bundles
  • Transforming between different FHIR versions

New applications can access legacy data, represented using FHIR, to expand their use for value-based care, quality improvement, research, and other uses.

Ease of Use

Healthcare organizations may manage hundreds of different specialized applications, systems, and devices that must work together efficiently, securely, and without interruption. Health Connect provides features that make it easier to create, manage, and troubleshoot such systems, including:

  • Drag-and-drop, graphical data-mapping, business rule creation, and workflows
  • Drag-and-drop file transfers using popular data storage services such as DropBox, Box, and Kiteworks, or the dropping of files into other applications for processing
  • Containerized deployment in public or private clouds
  • DevOps ready
  • A new Java Business Host that runs Java apps as efficiently as native components within integrations and workflows

High Performance

At the heart of Health Connect is a high performance, multi-model data engine that seamlessly handles multiple forms of data at high speed. Health Connect easily scales to handle the transaction volumes of some of the largest and most complex healthcare providers in the world.

Reliability and Management

Learn more about HealthShare Health Connect and all of the products within the HealthShare family at InterSystems.Com/HealthShare.Health Connect includes a built-in data repository that stores every message moving through integrated systems. The repository enables guaranteed message delivery and a complete audit trail of all messages for improved troubleshooting. InterSystems also provides several options for high availability (HA) and disaster recovery, including clustering, virtualization HA, and an elegant, easy-to-implement technology for database mirroring. Capabilities specific to Health Connect include:

  • Visual diagnostics and auditing. Industry-leading message trace capabilities, a powerful test harness, and robust auditing facilitate the creation, debugging, and support of all your interfaces.
  • Event detection, alerting, and monitoring ensure that information continues to flow even when source systems pause or fail. Messages are never lost, and an interrupted business process can always restart from the point of interruption.
  • Long-running, guaranteed business processes and coordinated human workflow.


A flexible, adaptable security model with enterprise-wide provisioning capabilities makes it easy to protect data both “at rest” and “in motion” across even the largest deployments, while minimizing the burden on application performance. Authenticate and authorize users via passwords, OAuth, two-factor authentication, and other means.

Customer Support and Education

When you select Health Connect, you get more than technology. You also get InterSystems acclaimed customer support and extensive educational opportunities. Search for Health Connect education resources at Learn more about HealthShare Health Connect and all of the products within the HealthShare family at

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