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InterSystems Announces Three SEA Partnerships to Deliver Data-rich Solutions

SEA Partners

  • Partners with fintech company Doxa, healthtech business Jonda Health and technology solutions provider Ascertain
  • InterSystems CEO meets with Singapore innovators to explore sector transformations

    Singapore, 31 March 2023: InterSystems, a creative data technology provider dedicated to helping customers solve the most critical scalability, interoperability, and speed problems has named Ascertain, Doxa and Jonda Health as new solution partners in the Southeast Asia region.

    The three firms are using InterSystems IRISâ, the next generation data platform that provides high-performance database management, interoperability, and analytics capabilities, to quickly build and deploy solutions that effectively harness and derive value from data wherever it resides.

    Phillip T. (Terry) Ragon, CEO, founder and owner of InterSystems, said at a company event in Singapore: “Businesses across Southeast Asia are facing a fast evolving landscape that is increasingly digital, with massive amounts of data. It is crucial for them to be able to immediately access and extract value from their data to gain a competitive advantage. InterSystems provides the next generation software technology to support massive scalability and connect data silos while enabling the building of high-performing, data-rich solutions.”

    Ascertain, based in Malaysia, is one of the most successful financial solutions providers in Southeast Asia. The company provides innovative technology solutions to the finance industry, working with some of the largest banks in the region on their digital transformation journeys. The IRIS data platform will enable Ascertain to aggregate data from multiple systems to help customers enhance risk management and regulatory compliance.

    Doxa is a Singapore-based financial technology business specialising in digitalising procurement, payment, and financing workflows. Their cloud-based SaaS platform, Doxa Connex, utilises modern technologies like blockchain, microservices and cloud computing to bring together buyers, suppliers and financial institutions into a single ecosystem, facilitating the supply chain transactional process. Doxa Connex facilitates end-to-end operational processes between suppliers, customers, and financial institutions, such as DBS, Maybank, UOB and OCBC.

    Doxa Connex leverages the powerful interoperability capabilities of InterSystems IRIS to easily and seamlessly integrate with different ERPs, accounting software and banking systems. This results in faster, repeatable implementations, greatly enhancing their platform’s scalability and performance.

    Singapore-based Jonda Health offers healthcare technologies that make health data usable and accessible while maintaining data sovereignty. One of their products includes a patient-facing app, called Jonda, to empower people to access and manage their health-related data. To allow users to benefit from their own health data, the tech stack needs to manage a large amount of structured and unstructured data from disparate sources. The InterSystems platform allows Jonda Health's tech stack to achieve this efficiently and effectively.

    InterSystems is fast expanding its footprint in the Southeast Asia region since setting up an office in Singapore office in 2021.

    Terry added: “Singapore is a vibrant fintech and logistics hub, and many businesses here are developing innovative solutions that are crucial for today’s complex, data-rich digital landscapes. The country is also an amazing environment for business and technological collaboration. Since setting up our office here, we have had rapid expansion in terms of business partners and workforce. We have hired local staff in the roles of sales, engineering, and marketing – and we are also on a constant look for local talent that would benefit the company as a whole.”

    During his visit, Terry also connected with talented innovators in the region, all of whom value close partnerships and seek a world-class data platform to build a solution that will scale to tomorrow’s data management needs.

    “We are always open to new partnerships – especially in financial services, healthcare, and logistics sectors. With our IRIS data platform, companies building data-rich software solutions can rest at ease that our data platform – recognised by top analysts for solving the most demanding of data challenges -- will scale with their business,” he said.

    InterSystems offers a high-touch partnership model, identifying innovative solutions coming into the market. Our dedicated technical resources help partners best leverage our technology, bringing them together into our ecosystem and engaging in joint go-to-market activities together.

    InterSystems is also establishing an internship program with several institutions of higher learning in Singapore. The company is currently seeking computer science students for technical roles, with the first intake -- up to 5 students -- to begin in May.

    Ascertain Technologies CEO Rathnavel Anandhakumar Quote

    Ascertain Technologies CEO Rathnavel Anandhakumar said “At Ascertain, we are providing banking solutions, in particular to capital markets and transaction segments across banks in the Asia Pacific region. We believe that with InterSystems’ IRIS robust interoperable data platform we can solve many complex use cases in data handling and further expand our solutions to other regions, in particular to the MENA region.

    Doxa CEO Edmund Ng Partner Quote

    “Connectivity is the key for collaboration. IRIS provides the main connectivity elements to enable Doxa to greatly reduce the time and effort required in our integration work. With the flexibility it provides, we are able to swiftly rollout the Doxa platform for our clients, fully connected with their internal system and the banks." said Edmund Ng, CEO of Doxa.

    Jonta Health CEO and Co-Founder Suhina Singh Quote

    “When I first embarked on building Jonda Health, I never fully imagined the depth of issues that plague the health data space such as non-standardisation, analogue systems, data sovereignty and more. Which was why Jonda Health has evolved from a patient facing app to a deployable tech stack that includes various AI modules.

    As we need to deal with different systems, formats and large amounts of unstructured data, we require both massive processing power and interoperability capabilities. As such our tech stack is built on the InterSystems IRIS data platform to provide the scale, speed and power we need. We are incredibly thankful to have InterSystems as a partner to help fulfil our mission,” said Suhina Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Jonda Health.

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