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Welcome to InterSystems

We are driven by a passion to make you successful. That’s why many of our original clients and partners are still working with us today, creating value together – not just for a few years, but for decades.
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InterSystems is helping the world’s most successful financial institutions meet their toughest challenges.
They are unlocking the potential within their data using InterSystems IRIS – the next generation of database management platform.
Today, being able to effectively leverage your data is the key to driving digital innovation. Transforming your data enables you to provide your customers with a superior experience, better manage risk, comply with regulations, and make more profitable business decisions faster.
Transforming Financial Services: Meet the Team Dedicated to Your Innovation.
“Changing Regulations, Market Volatility, Scaling up, Customer Data Management or Reducing Risk: We at InterSytems can help you solve your most pressing data infrastructure challenges.

Enabling and accelerating digital transformation is what we do for organisations just like yours across the globe. We’d like to get to know your unique challenges and help you achieve the business outcomes that you need”.

– Michael Dalichau
What is InterSystems IRIS?
Peter O’Halloran, Sales Engineer at InterSystems, explains how InterSystems IRIS Data Management Platform could work within your current infrastructure and meet your future needs by reducing your technology stack for seamless scalability.

A former solution architect himself, Peter sees InterSystems IRIS used in multiple ways to really bring the best out of an organization’s business processes, such as:

  • A Database to handle massive data volumes, both transactional and analytic, whilst providing an RTO of under 3 seconds.
  • An Enterprise Service Bus, connecting systems and orchestrating processes with a guaranteed delivery and governance compliance.
“Unlock Your Data to Give you a Competitive Advantage”
Meet Michael Hom, Head of Financial Solutions, based in New York. He explains how InterSystems helps unlock your data and enable your analytics to give your business a competitive advantage. Via our platforms and solutions we allow our clients to access their real-time or traditional data from a set of legacy and contemporary sources. This lets you:

  • Create agility by using InterSystems IRIS to set up virtual microdata services for each new business or regulatory need.
  • Store, manage, access, analyse, and integrate data easily to enhance your customer experience.
  • Gain valuable insights and create actionable intelligence from your data at rest or in motion.
Leading Global Banks are Turning to InterSystems
Harry Tong, is a Senior Solutions Architect based in New York. Harry outlines some recent case studies where InterSystems IRIS has helped transform business units within large financial organisations:

A Cloud-based Wealth Management Platform built using InterSystems IRIS is delivering higher performance while also reducing infrastructure and TCO.

A top global bank uses InterSystems IRIS to handle high ingestion rates while simultaneously providing data globally to 250+ applications and saving 75% of operational costs. Within a few months of using InterSystems IRIS our client was able to stabilise their legacy trading system.

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