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Organizational Certification

Organizational certification confirms an organization’s commitment to our technology. It ensures a provider can offer quality services to the marketplace by skilled individuals. Becoming certified can open doors for organizations to access valuable business opportunities and partnerships.

Organizational Certification Requirement

InterSystems considers an organization to be certified in a specific technology when it acquires and retains at least four (4) full time employees who possess active certifications in that technology.

Claiming Organizational Certification

When an organization identifies enough of its certified staff individuals meet the organizational requirement, a business leader can request organizational certification from the InterSystems Certification Team by sending an email to After communicating the names of their staff who possess the individual certification badge, the InterSystems Certification Team will confirm the staff credentials and issue a certificate with an identifying code and issue date. This certificate can be used to prove organizational competency to InterSystems marketplace and can also be used in various ways in InterSystems Partner Programs.

Maintaining Organizational Certification

To maintain organizational certification status, organizations must confirm their staff that fulfill the requirement twice per year to the Certification Team. If an organization falls below the required number, the Certification Team will discuss a grace period in which the organization can acquire the needed staff and maintain certification.

Displaying Organizational Certification Credentials in the InterSystems Partner Directory

If an organization is registered in the InterSystems Partner Directory their organizational certification(s) will be listed next to their company logo. Please visit the InterSystems Partner Directory to learn how to get listed as an InterSystems partner today!


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