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Views and Perspectives on Provider Directories for Payers

An on-demand webinar

Everyone involved in managing and maintaining provider information probably knows how challenging it can be. When you think about the magnitude of the problem – 25% of provider data changes annually – the real complexity can be daunting. Yet poor data can lead to operational inefficiency, problems with payment, penalties associated with State and Federal Regulations, including the recent No Surprises Billing Act, and more importantly, member dissatisfaction.

Watch this webinar where industry experts highlight how key personas in a health plan are impacted by poor-quality provider data, and how a provider data management solution that creates a single source of truth for organizations can tackle this issue and streamline workflows.

Jeff Rivkin, Research Director, Payer IT Strategies, IDC Health Insights
Lynda Rowe, Sr. Advisor, Value-based Markets, InterSystems

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