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Revolutionizing and Connecting Health at Home for Seniors

Personalized Digital Nurse

Home healthcare device and user


CHALLENGE: Connect aging Medicare patients receiving care at home with healthcare providers and family caregivers, promote patient compliance with care plans, and integrate home data with healthcare information systems.

OUTCOME: A personalized digital nurse connected through InterSystems HealthShare® Health Connect Cloud to the patient’s providers, family, and electronic medical records.

Older adults overwhelmingly say they prefer to remain in their homes even as they face increasingly complex healthcare needs. And with good reason. They can retain their independence, remain socially engaged with their communities and, overall, have a higher quality of life, which contributes to improved physical health.

The challenge for healthcare professionals is providing optimal care in the home for this growing population despite an acute shortage of home health aides. By 2030, the number of U.S. adults over age 65 will reach 73 million. More than half will likely have long-term care needs requiring multiple prescriptions and consistent monitoring.

While the home has not traditionally been thought of as part of the healthcare system, the COVID-19 pandemic opened the door to new possibilities. Healthcare providers offered more monitoring and treatment tools that could be used in the home, and patients transitioned to telehealth appointments. These tools and services, however, are typically disconnected and loosely coordinated.

A Personalized Digital Nurse to Care for Medicare Patients

Pria integrates the various healthcare components through a personalized digital nurse that serves as a HIPAA-compatible medical hub in the home, connecting physicians with patients and their personal caregivers. The solution fosters seamless care and compliance with prescribed care plans.

The Pria solution is a voice-activated, interactive, home health hub that incorporates a suite of health management and monitoring tools along with live communication and alerts. Through cloud-based connectivity, patient data is integrated with electronic health records supporting easy access and a comprehensive overview.

McKinsey & Company
From facility to home: How healthcare could shift by 2025

In the home, Pria guides the patient through their everyday life within the context of their clinical care plan. It proactively communicates to the patient with medication reminders, lifestyle reminders, and coaching for lifestyle modification. It supports regular monitoring by collecting home test data such as blood pressure checks and providing for integration with electronic medical records.

Compliance is a particular concern when providing care outside of a clinic or hospital setting because non-adherence such as not taking medications properly or failing to monitor certain vitals can undermine an older person’s ability to remain at home and compromise their quality of life. Currently, non-adherence accounts for up to 50% of treatment failures and results in up to $300 billion of avoidable healthcare costs annually.

InterSystems Health Connect Cloud Integrates Home Medical Hub with HealthCare Systems

The Pria home health hub relies on InterSystems Health Connect Cloud, an integration engine that delivers comprehensive healthcare interoperability via a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering.

InterSystems Health Connect Cloud streamlines data integration between clinical systems and applications. It incorporates all the infrastructure providing enhanced data automation and management capabilities to help providers and application developers rapidly leverage HL7® FHIR® and other healthcare standards to connect systems and solutions.

Pria combines components of its cloud-based infrastructure with InterSystems Health Connect Cloud to identify eligible patients, facilitate the integration of data with electronic health records (EHR) and connect patients with their professional and personal caregivers.

In addition to viewing data in their EHRs, care managers and providers can use the Pria app to monitor the care-at-home plan and interact with the patient. Family members can configure alerts to help keep their loved ones on track and engage through video calls when they can’t visit.

Pria combines components of its cloud-based infrastructure with InterSystems Health Connect Cloud to:
  • Identify Pria-eligible patients
  • Map the EHR care plan to a Pria wellness plan
  • Engage patients with their at-home and in-person medical services
  • Share readings from Pria and connected home devices with the EHR
  • Integrate with EHR telehealth workflows

Redefining What is Possible in Healthcare

“The cutting-edge technology and expertise of InterSystems provide a platform that enables healthcare organizations to deliver health-at-home, value-based care for the Medicare population,” said Pria CEO & Co-Founder Ainar Abdrakhmanov. “Our innovative platform will simplify and improve the scalability of the health-at-home solutions market, thereby resolving current market pain points.”

Pria is building the standard for health-at-home solutions by delivering a platform that streamlines workflows, improves patient outcomes, and reduces costs. The company’s innovative approach has earned it a reputation as a game-changer in the healthcare industry. Pria’s integration of health-at-home solutions on one platform supports healthcare organizations to lower costs while delivering a patient engagement experience.

Ainar Abdrakhmanov
CEO & Co-Founder, Pria

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