InterSystems IRIS for Health is the world’s first and only data platform specifically engineered to extract value from healthcare data. It empowers you to rapidly create and scale the industry’s next breakthrough applications.

Massive Volumes of Clean Data. Unprecedented Speed.

From the earliest days of healthcare IT, the industry has relied on and grown with InterSystems data platforms. And our interoperability technology has been at or near the top of KLAS rankings for over a decade.

InterSystems IRIS for Health includes our comprehensive health data model so your apps can get up and running quickly. Its advanced interoperability and data normalization technology provides the fastest route to all of the clean data you need for innovation and sustainable value.

Connectivity & Creativity

If you can dream it, you can create and deliver it with InterSystems IRIS for Health. Whether it’s a cloud-based service, the latest MedTech, healthcare information system, laboratory service, smartphone app, or AI, you’re no longer limited by interoperability issues or data platforms that fail to scale.

From Whiteboard to Production, Fast

Speed to Value
InterSystems IRIS for Health provides all of the capabilities for building complex, mission-critical, data-intensive applications quickly. It’s a comprehensive platform spanning data management, interoperability, transaction processing, data normalization, and analytics, built to accelerate speed to value.

Speed to Scale
The volume and variety of healthcare information is stunningly large and growing exponentially. InterSystems IRIS for Health efficiently enables applications to scale vertically and horizontally to cost-effectively handle any workload, data, and users.

Speed to Insights
Artificial intelligence and machine learning succeed or fail on the quality of the underlying data. InterSystems IRIS for Health delivers advanced data prep capabilities to create transformative healthcare models and optimize the effectiveness of learning solutions.

Speed to Connectivity
InterSystems IRIS for Health includes deep support for FHIR. All data can be stored as FHIR resources, and the InterSystems IRIS for Health comprehensive REST APIs make granular data available for development of SMART on FHIR and other FHIR applications.

Truly connected health requires interchangeable information flow across all sources, modern and legacy. Since InterSystems IRIS for Health supports every major global healthcare messaging standard, applications can rapidly ingest, normalize, and share information.

Speed to Awareness
Clinical decision support, bench-to-bedside medicine, and increasing consumer expectations all demand answers in real time. InterSystems IRIS for Health excels at hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP), powering solutions that respond to these accelerating demands.

Globally, more than half a billion health records are managed by solutions built on InterSystems technology.

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InterSystems IRIS for Health.
A New Foundation for the Massive Data Demands of Modern Healthcare.

FHIR-Based Solution Development

An extensible FHIR repository and comprehensive REST APIs provide the foundation for modern healthcare application development. 

IRIS for health

Certified Healthcare Interoperability

Deep support for FHIR, HL7 V2, IHE and other standards and protocols* ensures interoperability and improved workflow across the care continuum.

*ASTM, CDA® and CCD®, CCDA, DICOM, EDI – ASC X12, HL7 V3, NCPDP, EDIFACT, ITK (England), DMP and HPRIM (France), SS-MIX (Japan), ADHA (Australia), xDT (Germany)

IRIS for Health

Out of the Box Transformations

A normalized healthcare message model delivers pre-built extensible transformations between all standard modern and legacy data representations. 

IRIS for Health

Seamless Data Management

Seamlessly handle multiple forms of data at high speed, with vertical and horizontal scalability. Rapidly build solutions using the tools and technologies that best suit your needs.

IRIS for Health

Comprehensive Connectivity

Rapidly connect people, processes, and applications. Integrate with and deploy in any customer environment.

IRIS for Health

Open Analytics

Empower solutions using our open analytics platform, with your choice of embedded, standards-based, and best-of-breed analytics technologies for exploration, analysis, and prediction.

IRIS for Health

Robust Deployment, Security, Reliability

Rapid Deployment
Easily provision, deploy, and configure applications in a public or private cloud, or on premises.

Strong Security
Authenticate and authorize users via passwords, OAuth, two-factor authentication, etc. Secure data-at-rest and data-in-motion while minimizing the burden on application performance.

Proven Reliability
Reduce system management complexity. Shorten planned and unplanned downtime.

IRIS for Health

Healthcare Applications Without Limitations

  • Health information systems that deliver intelligent workflows with real-time analytics
  • Moving large, connected, healthcare data-intensive applications to the cloud
  • Building new connected health solutions that incorporate data from multiple sources using different standards
  • Clinical research applications examining large pools of data sources (e.g. clinical trials based on real-world evidence, population health initiatives)
  • Apps for the Internet of Healthy Things
  • Serving up massive quantities of clean data for machine learning or AI initiatives

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