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Experts Unbox InterSystems IRIS Data Platform

Small, simple gift on a wood floor, wrapped with basic brown cardboard and a red ribbon

The simpler a solution is, the less opportunity there is for failure. And our message of power and simplicity is resonating with industry experts.

We launched InterSystems IRIS Data Platform at our Global Summit 2017 conference as “a complete data platform that combines analytical and transaction processing with native interoperability for handling all types of data.” For a product that is responsible for processing intelligent rule-based transactions and working with complex and disparate data sets, we endeavored to make InterSystems IRIS “simple” to work with. It was built on the premise of elegant simplicity, that the most uncomplicated solutions can solve the most complex problems.

With that in mind, we’ve turned to a few industry experts, who had some things to say about the new data platform:

James’s key takeaway: “InterSystems is well qualified to deliver such a product given the longevity and maturity of some of its technology, particularly its object-oriented Caché database that sits at the core of InterSystems IRIS. Timing is also on the company’s side here, because we have seen an uptick in organizations’ appetite for mixed-workload systems. With its loyal following, we would expect InterSystems to find success here…”

  • Senior IT Validation Analyst Kerry Dolan of the analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group conducted an audit of InterSystems IRIS, and compared it to three high-performance commercial database platforms. She reported on her findings in “InterSystems IRIS Data Platform: A Unified, Efficient Data Platform for Fast Business Insight.” According to Dolan, two of the top three business initiatives currently influencing technology spend are cost reduction and improving the use of data analytics - both areas addressed by InterSystems IRIS.

Kerry’s finding: “InterSystems IRIS handled all the query types with fast performance, scaled easily, cost less in infrastructure, and experienced no failures. By accessing more data and delivering faster results, InterSystems IRIS can deliver better business insight.”

The result: The group that leveraged InterSystems IRIS was able to develop the application for about one third of the total development cost, requiring one third the total developer hours compared with the point-solutions approach. According to Neuralytix, “using an integrated data platform provides companies with several advantages over a self-built data platform using a variety of point solution tools.”

Customers and partners are rapidly adopting InterSystems IRIS to solve their mission critical data intensive challenges. Try it out in the InterSystems IRIS Experience. Let us know about your experience with the product and what challenges it solves for you.

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