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UST Omni & InterSystems: Creating Better Visibility Into Supply Chains

Supply Chain Visibility

UST is constantly focused on the major supply chain issues and the things that could cause potential disruptions, such as a pandemic, or a global food crisis, or hyperinflation or the shift of companies to reshore production. UST Omni is an app that brings trading partners together and gives them better visibility into their supply chains. It uses technology that listens and senses activity throughout your supply chain and notifies you if there are problems. Our customers have been able to cut inventory by 10% and improve customer service by 15%. InterSystems technology really serves as the brain behind UST Omni. Nobody understands the power of predictive analytics better than InterSystems. What the world has experienced over the last two years is that supply chains are fragile. UST and InterSystems are working to restore the stability global supply chains.

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