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Building IHE Client Components in HealthShare

Learn to configure, code for, and work with pre-built, client-side IHE business components

4-Day Course

Este curso está disponible únicamente como curso presencial privado.*
Puedes solicitar formación privada (virtual o presencial) para un mínimo de 5 y un máximo de 15 alumnos utilizando el siguiente botón.
*Nota: Disponible únicamente como curso presencial privado. Para garantizar que cada estudiante tenga la mejor experiencia, un curso presencial privado puede ser un curso presencial o un curso virtual. Una clase no puede ser una combinación de asistentes presenciales y virtuales.

Course Pricing

Private Training

In Person Private Classroom

$11,200 per class (18% discount!)

Virtual Private Classroom
$13,600 per class

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This 4-day course teaches implementation partners and healthcare customers how to work with and code for the pre-built business components that support client-side IHE communications. The IHE profiles covered are PIXv3, PDQv3 and XDSb. Specifically, this course includes how to configure a Production and create code to:

  • Add patients using PIXv3
  • Search patients using PIXv3 and PDQv3
  • Query and retrieve XDSb documents
  • Provide and register XDSb documents

Participants will also learn how to create CDA documents from HL7® input as well as use the HealthShare® test utility to test IHE communication in a Production.This course is applicable for users of InterSystems IRIS for Health™ and HealthShare.


You are required to have the following knowledge/experience prior to attending this course:

  • Programming experience
  • InterSystems® Objects experience
  • HealthShare Productions or InterSystems Ensemble® Productions experience

See the Achieving Prerequisites section below if you do not fulfill these requirements.

Achieving Prerequisites

If you do not have previous experience with InterSystems Objects programming, attend the Developing with InterSystems Objects and SQL course or complete the following online courses:

To ensure you have the required knowledge related to Productions, attend the Developing Healthcare Integrations course or complete the following material:

Course Agenda

  • IHE Overview
  • Exercise Environment
  • Adding Patients using PIXv3
  • Searching Patients using PIXv3 and PDQv3
  • Document Query using XDSb
  • Document Retrieve using XDSb
  • Creating Documents for XDSb
  • Submitting Documents using XDSb

Cancellation Policy

Rescheduling and Cancellation

  • Rescheduling training is permitted, subject to instructor availability, at the quoted price, up to two weeks prior to the original confirmed dates.
  • Cancellations are permitted up to two weeks prior to the confirmed dates.
  • Rescheduling or canceling training within two weeks of the confirmed dates will result in InterSystems billing the client for the original quoted price and recording this as a credit towards a future training.