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About InterSystems

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About InterSystems

Across the world, millions of people rely on InterSystems technology every day.

Across the world, millions of people rely on InterSystems technology every day. For real-time patient records so patients will receive the best possible care. For up-to-date analyses so trading desks can respond in real-time. And for accurate insights that help organizations everywhere see around corners and prepare for what’s next.

Our customers are tasked with some of the world’s most important jobs. That’s why we put their success above everything else.

We create innovative data solutions for organizations with critical needs. Our high-performance, cloud-first solutions equip our customers with healthy data—data that is clean, accessible, and ready for action. With healthy data, our customers can not only make better decisions and deliver on their missions, but also adapt to the unexpected, quickly. Our passion for excellence means that we always go above and beyond to make our customers successful. We show up 24/7 with world-class support.

And we take great pride in our work. Because through our technology and committed partnerships, we help our customers serve people all over the globe, and move the world forward.