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Shaping Tomorrow: The Future of Disruption in Healthcare

Presented by the Economist Impact

The healthcare ecosystem is experiencing disruption from new sources and in new ways, driven in part by empowered consumers exerting greater influence. This trend is opening up fresh possibilities, allowing for new business models, on-demand digital healthcare experiences and a shift in delivery modes towards outpatient and home care. New market entrants have emerged to deliver and finance healthcare for patients demanding affordability, convenience and personalisation.

Retailers and big tech firms are harnessing their physical spaces and network scale to address issues of cost and accessibility. And an increasing number of young and creative companies are inventing entirely new models for care delivery, payment and logistics, many of them addressed directly to consumers and all enabled by technology. Retail establishments, online providers and traditional care providers saddled with physical infrastructure will need to determine how best to partner with new entrants while highlighting their own unique contributions to the healthcare marketplace.

A webinar presented by Economist Impact, part of the Economist Group.


Neal Moawed – Global head of research, InterSystems
Dr. Zenobia Brown – Chief medical officer and vice president Pop Health, Northwell Health
Kate Ryder – Founder and Chief executive officer, Maven
Amanda Stucke – Senior manager and Americas regional lead, Economist Impact

Key Questions

  • What is the healthcare industry doing to cater to the specific needs and demands of different generations—from the elderly to the young—in providing affordable and convenient care options?
  • How can healthcare leaders balance the convenience of new tools and technologies with quality of care and improved outcomes?
  • What can organisations do to harness the benefits of data while safeguarding privacy and security?
  • Is the emergence of new players in the healthcare ecosystem helping to overcome health inequity?
  • Which key technologies and innovations are generating meaningful improvements in patient care and outcomes while also delivering cost savings? How can those that provide real value be distinguished from those that are overhyped?

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