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Alert: Locking and Shared Memory Corruption

May 20, 2014 - Alert: Locking and Shared Memory Corruption

InterSystems has corrected two defects with locking that, in rare circumstances, can cause shared memory corruption of lock structures. This condition can potentially lead to process failures and hung environments. These defects exist for Caché, Ensemble, and HealthShare.

All platforms and operating systems are at risk. These defects have existed in releases of Caché beginning with version 5.0.

The corrections, identified as SML1819 and SML1847, are both included in Caché, Ensemble and HealthShare as of 2013.1.6 and 2014.1.1 (to be released shortly). To address the risk of these defects, InterSystems recommends upgrading to these versions.

The corrections are also available via Ad Hoc distribution from InterSystems Worldwide Response Center (WRC). If you have any questions regarding this alert, please contact the Worldwide Response Center.