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Prior Authorization on FHIR

FHIR - HL7 Da Vinci

Prior Authorization is a thorny issue which adds administrative overhead to both payers and providers that can cause harm to patients by delaying their care.

HL7’s Da Vinci project, which produces standards and implementation guidelines based on HL7 FHIR to better connect payers and providers, is tackling prior authorization.

The 646-bed health system UC Davis Health, the 25.4-million-member payer Centene, and InterSystems have partnered to establish infrastructure conformant to HL7 Da Vinci implementation guides to streamline prior authorization workflows. The organizations intend to remove latency and enable real-time data sharing.

“We want to take interoperability to the next level so that we can provide a more seamless experience,” says Michael Marchant, Director, Health Information Exchange and System Integration for UC Davis Health.

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Michael Marchant, Director, Health Information Exchange and System Integration, UC Davis Health
Jonathan Copley, Sr. Director, Interoperability Strategy & Innovation, Centene Corporation
Lynda Rowe, Sr. Advisor, Value-based Markets, InterSystems

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