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What’s driving Digital Transformation in healthcare in South East Asia?

Digitally transforming how you operate within your organization is now proving to be vital when it comes to enhancing the patient experience and gaining invaluable insights into your organization’s operations.

Drivers for digital change show commonalities

Healthcare organisations in South East Asia say that over 78% percent are being driven by the urgency to create better internal process efficiencies. As we know, process inefficiencies can have a large negative impact on both patients and clinician engagement. This is closely followed by 75% of organizations feeling the need to innovate. Competition in the healthcare industry in this region is high and the ability to employ technologies at the forefront of healthcare will set an organization apart.

InterSystems new report “Drivers of digital transformation in healthcare in South East Asia” shows how private healthcare organizations are defining clear goals for the future of care and want to become advocates for new models of care in an era of continuous technological development.

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