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InterSystems IRIS Adaptive Analytics

Powerful analytics for your business users. Integrates seamlessly with existing technology.

Quick access to an updated database, actionable reports and real-time decision-making can have huge positive impacts for the finance industry. The InterSystems IRIS Adaptive Analytics feature helps the end-users to directly access those advanced analytical reports without wasting any time.

In this video Carmen Logue, Product Manager at InterSystems, introduces the Adaptive Analytics features with specific use cases for organisations that have large volumes of data and a proliferation of tools but want to achieve better scalability.


Adaptive Analytics - A Short Demo


Whether you want to run advanced reporting, build a model for machine learning or access aggregated data for regulatory purposes, InterSystems IRIS Adaptive Analytics offers you a comprehensive solution.

In this session, Amir Samary, Manager, Solution Architecture at InterSystems, gives a demonstration of the latest Adaptive Analytics features on InterSystems IRIS.

In this session you’ll:

  • Learn how Adaptive Analytics becomes relevant to solving your possible current challenges.
  • Get a demonstration with 1 billion rows where you can watch how different data tables can be easily joined, aggregated and analysed using a simple drag-and-drop approach.
  • Learn how you can use InterSystems IRIS’ interoperability and pick an adapter like KAFKA, and join data from different data sources with Adaptive Analytics.

Amir Samary, Manager of Solution Architecture at InterSystems

Why InterSystems IRIS?

High Performance with Horizontal and Vertical Scalability
An ultra-high performance database engine supports transactional, analytic, and transactional-analytic applications that reduce latencies and enable real-time insights and actions. InterSystems IRIS seamlessly scales vertically and horizontally to efficiently accommodate increasing workloads, data sizes, and concurrency.

Open and Rapid Development and Deployment
An open environment for defining business logic, business process management, and modern interface design enables rapid development and agile business innovation. InterSystems IRIS integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructures and with best-of-breed technologies to support the widest range of customer environments and application requirements.

InterSystems IRIS is a Complete Data Platform
InterSystems IRIS gives you everything you need to capture, share, understand, and act upon your organization’s most valuable asset – your data. As a complete platform, InterSystems IRIS eliminates the need to integrate multiple development technologies. Applications require less code, fewer system resources, and less maintenance.
InterSystems – A Proven Technology Partner
Everyone at InterSystems has a passion for making customers successful. We have thousands of clients serving millions of users around the world. We understand what our customers want from technology. All our products are designed to be interoperable, reliable, intuitive, and scalable.

We are proud to back our world-class technology with world-class support. Our Worldwide Response Center (WRC) has personnel in cities around the globe and provides engineering-level expertise and multilingual 24/7 support for all InterSystems products.

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