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TrakCare Revenue Cycle Management

Optimize performance and the experience from first encounter to final payment

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Focus on the Revenue Cycle Management processes that matter most to you.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) in TrakCare is tightly linked with clinical, administrative and billing workflows. This provides a unified solution where payor details, informed financial disclosure and consent, coded charge capture, patient billing, and claims management are all available in a single solution that can be integrated to related systems as necessary.

With TrakCare, from a patient's initial encounter with a health system to their final payment of balance for the services provided, revenue can be tracked and managed to provide patients with the best possible experience and the organization with the highest efficiency.

TrakCare RCM Features

  • Patient Registration
  • Payor Verification and Policy Coverage
  • Accurate Charge Capture
  • Payor Approval Workflows
  • Patient Billing and Claims Processing
  • Payor Plans, Contracts, and Payment Agreements
  • Cashiers Workbench
  • Invoicing, Deposits, Refunds, & Receipting
  • Debtor Management
  • Integration to 3rd party approval, payment, and financial systems
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TrakCare RCM benefits include:

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Seamless integration across the continuum of care to reduce complexity and cost of ownership
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Accurate capture and tracking of all patient charges and claims for optimized reimbursement and cost control 
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Timely revenue collection for maintaining cash flow
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A single access point to all patient account information for ease of use and transparency
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Easily identify causes of revenue loss with analytics dashboards and reporting to track payments and payment trends
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Real time, on-line delivery of all available information for paperless operation

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